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    thank you 😀 the background also add alot for her.
    still waiting the suggession what do you want see in her hands 🙂

    and an unorthodox composition 😀


      I thought about Berg’s second option too, making hat+hair together. But if you put that in the same menu as the other hairs, it may cause problem with tiara slot.

      A third menu point for hat+hair would make too many buttons in the face menu.

      Or… Can you put it into the colourable hair slot? Can you change only the hair colour with the slider and leave the hats colour the same? That wouldn’t limit the choices so much.


      my answer will be hungarian, sorry, my english is too poor for explain:

      amire te gondolsz, az a koszorú. a tiara a homlokon lesz, a haj alatt, a bőr felett. a maszk is azert azon a “layeren” lesz, mert siman rajöhet a haj, sőt.

      a harmadik opció meg nagyon nem jó ötlet, elnézést.

      én személy szerint nem bontanam meg a jelenlegi főmenü almenü felállást, szerintem nem kellenek még almenük, mert az átláthatatlan lenne egy idő után, ha meg egy van, nem jó, remélem bandi is egyetért velem.

      A programot jelenleg egy gyerek is képes használni (teszteltem), nem bonyolítanám.

      Köszönöm szépen az ötleteket 🙂


        Well, I’m definitely in a “modern” state of mind but judging by the composition, I’d go for steampunk and have her wield stuff like flintlocks, a torch, a whip, etc… a list which, in my humble opinion would fit both of your latest examples.


          As a male my first thought was : Bags!

          Handbag, small money purse, sorry dont know english for retikül.

          Also : flower (for fairies too)
          Small magic wand (like in HP)
          Light quartz (or other light source with bright overlay for hand like with spell weapons)


            Btw, I wanted to make a series of selfies about my face going “Wow!” looking at page 3 and 4 of this topic. Don’t have words for those pictures, they are that good!


            Kelemelan: it will be steampunk pack too, now im focused the fantasy spellcaster theme (expect dark, necro magic). i wanted to make a “general” spellcaster light armor, with some unpractical addon (like in computer games, and wow), and alot of useful comfy, daily outfits. 🙂 I also want give some option for making element specialized clothes..
            parchments, wands, staffs, books, potions.. components like? or smoking vials, and other things?
            i plan to make magic circles with monster hands, tentacles, elements..

            about companion. i plan to make dragons in every colour and size, domestical animals as common familiar.. but i have no idea what i forgot

            she will have bag on her chestbelt, and normal belt, and separately 🙂
            flower ok, i add it too, i plan only herbs 🙂 (which type of flower do you want, i make for you 🙂

            crystal is good idea, thank you!


            greg: thank you. i think i developed alot from the first character, and i want prove it 🙂
            i hope you will just love the new character and outfits.




            another unpractical armour addon
            would you use them?



              I’d use them for supers, so, yes.


              another question:
              do you want precoloured hairs, or not?




              for berg 🙂



                I find precoloured hairs convenient but if they are too much of a hassle, I won’t complain if they aren’t available.

                Let’s say that from my perspective they are an extra, although a nice one.


                  [quote=”sade” post=476]thank you 😀 the background also add alot for her.
                  still waiting the suggession what do you want see in her hands 🙂

                  Here is a list of spellcaster-stuff that came to mind. Something that they could hold in their hands.

                  Chrystal ball (closed in hand)
                  Chrystal ball (glowing and floating in the air)
                  Spell books (closed in hand)
                  Spell books (open, glowing and floating in the air)
                  Magic scroll (closed in hand)
                  Magic scroll (open, glowing and floating in the air)
                  magic potions (multiple colors)
                  poison bottle
                  wand (small, like the ones in harry potter)
                  Magic staff (large ~2m long, like Gandalfs staff)
                  Simple wooden stick/staff
                  Broom (I guess someone could want them for the witches)
                  Herbs (multiple kinds and colors)
                  Small brown bag
                  Glowing diamond / crystal / phial
                  Human/animal skull
                  Many skulls hanging from chain/strings
                  A real heart (the ‘real’ biological version)
                  Scythe (in case you have some dark ‘nazgul’ robes – for death impersonated)
                  Small statue
                  Ornamented drums (for the shamans)
                  magic amulet (in a chain handing from the hand)
                  a candle (burning)
                  a torch (with fire)
                  a small wooden box (with ornaments)
                  small snakes (a fistfull of them)
                  long fingernails (for the witches)
                  A cross (for the priests)
                  Bottle (like a wine-bottle)
                  Wine glass
                  A cup of tea
                  A pipe / waterpipe
                  A rose
                  … and a lot of magic effects (in the hands but also large ones around the body or floating in front):
                  – Fire, Lightning, Ice, Air, Water
                  – Magic gateway/portal in front of spellcaster
                  – Magic protecting spell “dome” around the character
                  – Magic protecting spell “shield” in front the character

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