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Overhead Games is an indie software and video game developer. We started building software to aid tabletop role-players, small-budget game developers, and storytellers in 2013 with ePic Character Generator. Over the past years, we mostly focused our efforts on providing new features and unique content to our users, as well as porting it to different platforms. In 2020 we started working on new game projects while supporting our tool and releasing additional content regularly.

ePic Character Generator is an excellent tool to anyone who wants to create realistic character avatars in no time. You can simply choose what items to display on your character, save as an image on a preset or transparent background and use it for anything you would like to. You don’t have to worry about lighting or finding the right camera angles, as everything has been prerendered and postworked for you, so creating characters are really just a matter of clicking some buttons! Using the Portrait package you can even create hand-drawn style images very easily.

The software is mainly used by role-players to illustrate their player and non-player characters, but don’t have the resources to create or buy many unique characters that fit their needs. The option to save the images as tokens and cards simultaneously even reduces the work needed to use the pictures in a session moments after they’ve been created. The characters can be saved and loaded using our custom file format, which enables an easy way to manage character progression, as changing little details are quick and convenient.

The generated images can be used in commercial products as well. You may find card games, board games and books illustrated with the images created by ePic Character Generator.

A unique blend of roguelike deckbuilding and survival strategy, where you control your characters only with your cards. You not only play your actions, but also decide who to perform them. Can you break the time loop and lead your team to safety, or will you die trying?

Explore the island and search for other survivors. Unite your team from a diverse cast of characters, each with their unique abilities, bonuses, and Disaster cards!

Your team is more than just a list of names – their synergies with your actions, buildings, and perks can heavily influence the directions you’ll take with your deck. All characters have different strengths and weaknesses, so picking the right members to perform the right tasks is crucial.

Research new technologies to improve your deck and increase your chances of survival.

Confront the boss of each time loop and defeat them to unlock unique perks that can leverage the power of your deck!

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