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    first impression?



      The first human female model had distinctive hips, this one has fantastic long legs, and The Look.
      Give me this girl, with long brunette hair, and I will marry her.

      Also: nice muscles, a six pack, great shoulders, but still slim thighs – she must have a pretty good work out plan.


        The athletic figure is very good. The pose is also very good – with just a slight tension like she is ready to leap into action any second.

        Can’t say that there’s anything wrong with here besides the underwear – which is slightly odd and un-medieval (yes, I like everything medieval and fantasy-like) but she will surely get some other underwear in her wardrobe too?


        she will have both medieval and modern wardrobe, i tried to make a neutral underwear :)) special underwears .. 🙂 good idea! i will make it, love the idea 🙂


          You asked about the pose for male.

          I like this pose better than the male, it’s more threatening, more ready for action.
          But the hands need to be changed again, because the left hand is out front, and the right is in the back, where her thighs might collide with some of the stuff she holds.

          It’s a tough problem, I hope you find a good compromise for the empty / holding hands.


          which wardrobe you want to see first ?
          modern (in modern, casual, futuristic, military or extreme?)
          fantasy (warrior, spellcaster, noble, “casual”, etc?)


            I’m all for modern, especially futuristic and casual.

            But close second is noble fantasy, like rich clothes, silks, fine jewelry.




                My heart beats for modern, anytime


                still working on the skin



                  The last one is a perfect old vampire lady for me (excuse me if that wasn’t the intention).

                  I like the second from top the most, is she crying or is that just her makeup?

                  But the third one is just brilliant, she doesn’t look like the top two at all. The skin gives her a totally new face. It’s maybe the parted lips, where the others have closed mouths. Or the way she looks you in the eye. 🙂


                  i give the source, its up to you what do you cook from it 🙂

                  im glad you like it 🙂


                  any wishes how much should be the desired outcome?
                  i think around 1900×1400 is fine, but im gladly raise if you need bigger size



                  white hair is not pretty for everybody.
                  you should dye sometimes



                  black hair


                Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 94 total)
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