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    the character’s shoulder almost never free, (hair, outfit), so the animal there is pointless. (i tried it with spider and its just lost there)

    this is thematical pack. the theme the spellcasters, not the superheros 🙂 later i can make superhero pack too, but its not top priority, sorry

    i made yesterday a golden mask, what is full faced as kabuki, but still i have to work on it, so yes, you can ask 🙂

    yes. it will have weather / elemental effects, but i didnt finish with the character (im at around 20% now or less)

    it will have many special effect on the character, just i have to finish the character itself :))

    i dont see the stands pack is over used, but the next stands pack will be modern. if the modern packs will be released

    edit: offtopic, but kelemelan, nice new avatar. i like it ! 🙂


      Thanks, we aim to please 🙂

      By the way, some supers are medieval in design so packs such as this one are still most useful.


      i think i will finish for today, i dont know when can i work again, but i hope it will be soon 🙂

      On list
      poison bottle
      Broom (I guess someone could want them for the witches)
      Glowing diamond / crystal / phial
      magic amulet (in a chain handing from the hand)
      A cross (for the priests)
      A pipe / waterpipe –i have to remove, because i cant put nor in her mouth nor in her hands
      Dome magic effects

      Magic staffs
      magic effects
      some more outfit

      still have to do:
      some more hair
      gradient hair
      some more cloak
      familiars, pets


      i forgot attach an image



      Amuletts Wip
      Crystal Wip

      The background will be a little tricky.
      because i radically changed it
      what do you think?



        Wow, incredible how fast you are producing the new graphics. The above bookstand+book are really nice. I don’t understand what it has to do with the background? Is there a new background option? Or is the stand actually in the ‘hand’ option and it only appears next to the character (like the floating book – which btw looks great)? If the stand is optional then it should be put into the ‘companion’ options – one bookstand+book behind the character, another in front of the character. As a bonus you you choose the placing yourself. At the moment the companions only include creatures but it would be the natural place for bigger items that are not directly worn or carried by the character.


          [quote=”sade” post=500]wands


          These look really good . Did you include any ‘simple’ pointed wands that you would aim and ‘shoot’? Like these Harry Potter wands for example


          it will be a background option 🙂 bandy wanted a background generator, but if you put together fully, it would be.. too cg, too unnatural. so i mixed the premade and the customizable and this is how its born :)) (just changed the background’s perspective for more place, and you can put the items there like the animals :))

          the floating book will be a misc items.

          here is some tiara option.. 🙂



          yes, i call it twig.. 🙂 i wanted to make myself once (irl) (with some stone, crystal, runes, you know :)) (sorry, i dont have much harry potter relation, i m not a fan)


            About the torch on page 10: The fire and the yellow glow is really good. I think the lighter color between the hand and the fire is a bit problematic – at first I thought the darker part of the torch (near the fist) was just a clenched fist and the other (lighter) part was background and the fire was kind of floating in the air:) You had to take a closer look to see ‘what is happening’ between the hand and the fire. I think the problem is changing the torches color close to the fist. Maybe the complete torch should be the same (preferrably dark) color?


              [quote=”sade” post=515]yes, i call it twig.. 🙂 i wanted to make myself once (irl) (with some stone, crystal, runes, you know :)) (sorry, i dont have much harry potter relation, i m not a fan)[/quote]

              Well, I think it’s ok to make yourself a wand but when you start carrying it around irl people will start to get worried:) Twig is a good word for them – I’m far from a Potter fan but it just came to mind since it’s mainstream example and everyone knows them 🙂


                Still for page 10:
                – The big floating spellbook is superb!
                – The smoke-haired tattooed girl is also a nice addition. It’s always a bonus to get ‘new races’ from the usual ones. The cat-eyes stand out nicely from the bluish skin.
                – About the mask: I’d like to create robbers or rogues with a black mask. I think a zorro-mask (black mask over the eyes) or a black scarf over the face (like the bank robbers in western ) would do nicely. The zorro-mask might work for a superhero too. I think they are pretty universal and could be used in many contexts. Robbers, superheros, spiritual clans (with robes), ninja-type fighters etc.


                  One more thing… Sade, please don’t forget to add some very nasty evil female spellcasters too… I’m just getting worried because the images you have posted to the forum are all so pretty and nice looking ladies 🙂

                  For example pale-skinned and black eyed evil looking females, female undeads with half of their face showing through a skull and burning eyes etc. Something in this direction – just even more evil 🙂

                  Black Sabbath has this song “Lady Evil” … I’d really like to know if there are options to create the Lady Evil too 🙂

                  “And they only speak in whispers of her name
                  There’s a lady they say who feeds the darkness
                  It eats right from her hand
                  With a crying shout she’ll search you out
                  And freeze you where you stand
                  Lady Evil, evil
                  She’s a magical, mystical woman
                  Lady Evil, evil in my mind
                  She’s queen of the night”
                  The song has nice lyrics too:)


                  twig: 🙂 im too old.. 20 years ago, i would wear it :))

                  mask: i focusinf to the spellcasting stuff right now, perhaps it will be general adventure pack or something, but its begini grow too big right now 🙂

                  i do it restless, i try to finish it before my moving 🙂


                  no sorry. the evil witches, the shamas, the woodoo stuff, and every evil non hermetic spellcasters will be in another pack. (with dark evil backgrounds, props, hair, character, etc)

                  (planned fantasy packs, please choose priority:
                  – archer
                  – evil spellcaster
                  – warrior
                  – general adventurer
                  – addons pack (background, animals, etc, for more versatility)

                  (for modern: general, military, scifi,university , business, extreme, more? )

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