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Magma Games: Gladiators of Sarum

A unique board game which involves strategy, luck and metagame alliances. Each player takes the role of a noble who has been commissioned by the King to assemble warriors to fight in The Great Games. Nobles travel between cities capturing, buying and selling gladiators for use in the contests. In each city a contest takes place, during which players take turns moving their gladiators around the arena and fighting each other’s gladiators. The last player with gladiators surviving at the end of the final contest wins the game.

ePic Character Generator Gladiators of Sarum Board Game

Fasold Games: Legends of Idunia

A fantasy board game in which 1 to 3 players must work together to escape the great desert where they have been abandoned. One of the aims of the game is to introduce especially younger players to Arabian mythology and to create an atmosphere of storytelling and wonder.

ePic Character Generator Legends of Idunia

Fasold Games: Lantern of Worlds - The Story of Layla

An adventure game in which you play as Layla, a former, high-ranking member of a secret order of assassins. The game is available for Free on Steam.

Renegade Grounds: Episode 2

A sequel to Renegade Grounds. In the last episode, Agela and Ingus found themselves going from one bad situation to another till eventually getting captured. But their time is not up yet. They now have to clear their names and uncover council’s secret plan, a plan that is being led by General Danyll. The stakes could not be higher. A new ally joins in with Agela and Ingus – a teenage lizardman called Rhask. Along with their existing allies, they have a hefty task ahead of them and endless amount of danger around every corner. Aside from being outnumbered by Danyll’s soldiers, they must also continue facing the fanatical Kiverhim Cult and have run-ins with the persistent demon prince Ogoz the 3rd.  


Revizor is a visual novel, a simulator of an office employee. You can flirt with colleagues at work, go on dates, earn and spend money, do business, meet friends, conduct audits, get sick and heal, listen to the radio with exclusive tracks, make decisions, run errands, and much more!

ePic Character Generator Showcase Revizor

Manabound: Behind the Veil

An upcoming, Online CCG, where the player controls one of the heroes of the game, and use spells and minions to battle for the fate of humanity.

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The last stronghold

A fantasy card strategy that is equally suited for board games with friends and for online battles unfolding in Estellor’s unique universe. In each battle, you will find not only the opposition of the two armies, but also a deep philosophy, rooted in European and Asian esoteric knowledge. Prove that you are the best commander and are able to cope with any enemy!

ePic Character Generator The Last Stronghold Online CCG


The BrowserQuests online role-playing game is a single player, persistent world online experience that not only allows site users to play an old school RPG but to author and even help develop the underlying gaming engine.

BrowserQuests itself is based on the Basic Fantasy RPG, a rules-light game system based on the d20 SRD v3.5 but heavily rewritten with inspiration from early role-playing game systems. Basic Fantasy RPG is simple enough for children in perhaps second or third grade to play yet still has enough depth for adults as well.

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Floris de Vries' Memory Quest

A mobile game in development, this video is a first look on this collectible card game. Memory Quest is a relaxing but challenging brain trainer that merges Fantasy RPG and puzzle elements with the classic memory game. The core mechanic is to find the correct heroes in the right order to fulfill Quests.

The Sword of Morn

A Roll20 modules to enhance role player’s table top experiences with further visualizing their adventures.

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