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    ok, i stop it for today


    Plan (what do you think?)

    -Fantasy Spellcaster pack (elementalist,wizard, illusionist, etc) (which items do you want to see in this pack? suggessions are welcome :))

    – Modern Casual pack (pullover, jeans, short, etc)

    – Fantasy Elf pack (elf ears, elf ornaments, outfits, etc)

    Or do you have any wishes for packs? like face type (african, asian, etc).

    Please, tell me your wishes 🙂
    Thank you


    here is the fantasy addon’s race: catfolk.
    she is almost human, just with few extras. the face anatomy like a cat, she coming with various textures 🙂
    what do you think?





    same hair -different feels





    outfit examples



      The face and skin textures are really good. They look like different persons, some look older and the black-haired one on the bottom left even looks angry or unhappy.

      I like the cat-girl option! It’s always good to be have more options to extend the character to another race. The cat-girl does look human enough so that she might just be going to a costume-party:) Which reminds me.. I don’t know if anybody suggested this but a couple of masks could be useful for human characters. Maybe Guy Fawkes mask, a black zorro mask and some “Eyes Wide Shut”-masks? There are some metal-masks in the existing humans but they are not very mask-like since they cover the whole face and are not very easily recognisable as masks.


        Fantasy spellcasters sounds good. None of the current races cover spellcasters at the moment so that’s certainly something thats needed.


        yes, i plan to make masks 🙂 i throught it would be nice in “tiara” category (means or mask, or tiara), what is also will have alot for the character, just i left it into the first psd file 🙂
        i m curious which items would you like to see her hands (symbol, special effect, parchment, torch, vial, etc)
        im in very early stage (general lighwears, nothing specialized, but im totally fall into it 🙂


        hat problem.
        i have some hats what causes me some problem.
        like on this image.
        on the full body size image would be the ideal
        but when i put on the hair, it looks like like on the bottom image.


        so i have no idea what should i do.. perhaps with hair, or i dont know.


          Looks like you would need compound image options: One piece of clothing (the hat) that is created from 2 (or even more..) different png-images with each having a different z-value: Part of it in front of the head and some of it behind the head (and hair). That’s a lot of work for one piece of clothing but it would work with some other similar options too.

          I’d say the quick-fix is to put the hair and the hat into the same option. That obviously has some disadvantages as you can’t choose the hair freely.

          I would vote for doing both: Give us a few of these problematic hats in the hair-options and think about creating the compound-image-options in the long run. Are there other pieces of clothing that need to be in front and behind the character at the same time?


          the first option is not work from code.

          this is because i told with the hair.

          yes, it have few (belt+sword at back, belt+anything at back, some hair, all cloak stuff)

          i tried to design them for avoid this problem, but sometimes i just could not help on this 🙁


          she will also have some full set in her wardrobe



            I have to say that this one rocks in more ways than one.

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