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      Hats off for the drow spider centaur that’s name is not to be named. 🙂

      How can we NOT use it, it it’s in the program?
      Everyone needs a drow spider centaur for her drow female head of family. 🙂

      I missed the picture with the light blue skin: the skin colour is super, also the excessive use of body piercings is nice, but… the boob part is a bit too much, and using both crosses my border.
      Either the tattoos or the piercing are enticing. Separately, I would use the piercings.


      *smiles* i just love your posts 😀

      i imagine the drider’s spider part much bigger, but then it would crop more.. so.. i dont know.. perhaps should i upload the drider body as free png?

      btw the drow females are bdsmish.. think to drow men, the slaves…. (very very bad joke, i have no sense of humour, but the drow female for me is more “50 shade of gray” for visual point of view too :)) (no, i did not read the book, and i dont plan)


        Err, people… keep carrying that torch and I’ll start picturing these drows as Kult’s Nepharites or Desparites… 😛 B)
        Leather, piercings, metal, barbed wires, whips, that most certainly fit these Masters of Pain. B)

        OK, enough said.

        You’re probably right, Sade, uploading the Drider’s spider legs part as a separate file is probably the easiest way out. 🙂


        last for today
        i noticed i forgot make shadow for skirt, it will be better, if i make.





          Overall she looks ok but she would look stunning if her skirt was leathery like her top. And maybe with blue hues rather than red… or alternatively, if her top’s hues where red rather than blue ?

          I surmise this will be moot once you will have dealt with the shadows. 🙂


            My bad. 🙁

            My previous comment is only valid for http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/c08.jpg.

            http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/c08b.jpg is OK as she is. However, I do believe the first picture has more potential but it’s just my opinion. 🙂


            you will able to change the skirt hue/sat/value, for fit perfectly. 🙂 im in rush, so i didnt change the colour 🙂

            sorry, i just pick up randomly, my psd is almost 1 GB 🙂
            on monday i will make some shoes, and i will begin with hair/weapons/other accesories
            perhaps i will make some drow skin version with little ear 🙂


              Ok, no more comments about colors then. 🙂

              One point though. Could you make a leather version of that skirt so that it would make an ensemble with her top ? (http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/c08.jpg <- that top that is). Thanks and hey, do not hesitate to say no from time to time. All of my ideas are more like suggestions. 😉


              of course
              please write more suggession, i need your feedbacks 🙂
              also which type of items and pets do you want see (and backgrounds and bg items :))
              thank you!
              have a wonderful day!


                Since this topic is called Human Female – Drow, are you asking for items appropriate to drows only or – because they will be usable by any female characters anyway – do you want me to list items of any kind and from any genre ?


                my fault. this is the main female character. drow is just the theme line 😀
                again: i do anything for drow, you can use for other characters as well (like one long whip good for tindiana jonesa type character as well too 🙂 but the theme is drow, yes


                ok, i stop making tops, and skirts, i m going to work on hairs 🙂



                  I like your idea with the stones on her skin.
                  Can I ask for one more top, with stones on her arms instead of sleeves, and with the turqoise color scheme?

                  Also, that mini is “just how I imagined it” 🙂


                  half part 😀
                  i did not want same colour version, if no problem, i made it with rubins
                  (the shoulder armor is accesory, not part of the top)


                  ps: of coz it will look like better with black skin, not with purple, i just wanted to show the top 🙂


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