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      Forgot one of your questions 😛 :

      The Spiders design in *my* opinion (but it’s just my opinion, right 🙂 ) looks much better 🙂

      However, a Spider design spells D.R.O.W. as in : it’s tough to use such characters in other settings. 🙂

      So, yes, I would welcome other designs, but like this one : http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/a02_2014-11-05.jpg I wouldn’t base it on a specific animal. Just some kind of clothes. 🙂


      yeah, i want mix and matchable, the spider design too specific 🙂
      ornamentic armor for kelemelan


      i forgot to mention the pants..duh 🙂


      rapunzen 🙂





      last for today



        I find the white headdress looks well on her, the light illuminating the dark.

        The long hair is good, but the transparency could be lower, at the chest and stomach you see too much of what’s behind, like the hair was made of glass fiber.

        More skirts please! 🙂
        Both accent her form in a different way, one by hiding the curves, the other be showing the leg. Choice is good, more skirts 🙂

        I’m undecided on the bracers. I find simmetry better. Tried to imagine it with the same bracer on both hands, and that picture, I think, would have looked better with 2 brown bracers.


        im working slow, im just now finished the tops (not sure, i bet i will add some more)
        now boots and skirts
        the hair is not transparent 🙂
        about bracelets: you can choose simmetric or assimetric. it will be your choice. promise :))


        btw i like this pants



          The top one is just, wow 🙂

          You could show it to a fashion designer and he/she would go “WOW, straps holding the waistless skirt in place, that would sell well for teenagers”
          (also, the bra-straps diamond on her stomach looks fantastic)

          Also, leather skirts? That’s next years fashion in the Underdark.


            Unlike Greg, I’d rather have robes (like in http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/b11.jpg) than skirts. (like elven ears, to each his own 😛 )
            I prefer my drows to be either **partly** naked (erotism is in the suggestion otherwise it’s just nudity 😉 ) or majestically draped in robes. Long skirts work too. Minis not so much. 😛

            http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/skirt.jpg and http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/b15.jpg look great. 🙂

            The tints you used for the clothes in http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/b15.jpg look especially nice. The reds and blacks are very finely outlined. Maybe you could adjust the other reds/blacks in the other pics based on them ?

            Oh, eh, and I really like http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/b11.jpg, she looks like a dark Galadriel to me… hence my request for more robes 😉 B)


            kelemelan: robes noted 🙂 (you have to just ask, and i’ll do :))
            partly naked: i have to say no it because of the.. i had many problem with it, example many art sites (Epilogue example) didnt accept my images, where the boobs poped up :S and we could not put to Google store neither .. so no nudism.. :S

            i will do some more red, no prob 😀

            im happy you like my work 🙂


              No worry about nudity :). I said **partly** naked, the operative word being **partly** B)

              You already posted pictures that fit the bill just fine, like http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/skirt.jpg I wasn’t asking for more 🙂

              Actually, that’s exactly my point, I do NOT want nudity, I was saying that suggesting it is way more fun than showing it. 🙂 Sorry for the confusion.

              Thx for the robes and the red. Hope this won’t be much of a hassle. 🙂


              its not a hassle! i love doing! i just hope i would recive more wishes!


              ok an idea.. i show it for “normal” elf, non drow, because on drow not much visible (tricky drows :))
              half transparent websilk 😀



              i developed the idea, and made some ornament to the transparent top.
              how its looks like on drow



                This attire is lovely 🙂

                I’m not sure you intend to implement that outfit on standard elves but just in case you do:

                On normal, non-drow elves, I would propose an alternate “light” (as in light versus dark) version. In the “light” version, I’d change the color patterns: red -> blue, black -> white, black metal -> silver or gold metal.

                My idea is that the black attire’s color patterns work fine with dark haired dark skined drows but not so much with blonde haired blue eyed fair skined High Elves. 🙂 Hence the alternate color pattern. Plus, if I understand you correctly, using it on normal elves would solve drows’ visibility issues. What do you think ?

                [Side Note: Could I have standard sized ears on standard elves, please ? 🙁 Eventually that is. ]

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