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    A few “Vulcan” ears like this would be very nice :

    On the other hand, if they are too much of a hassle, normal ears would work fine.

    Now, if you’re in a good mood, a little of each is always better, provided it’s not too much work, of course. You’re the ultimate judge of that. 🙂


    Feels like my link got eaten… trying again :



    thanks for the link, but i want use only own stuff, and legally licensed. (the sharecg dont allow commercial license i think)
    but i made it for myself, its not a big deal really 🙂
    (if its ok, i make some skin versions 🙂



    Of course, I used the link I posted only to explain what I meant by “vulcan ears”. It was only meant to illustrate my point, I didn’t check the license or anything. 🙂 :cheer:

    Your version looks very nice to me.

    Thanks for working on it! 🙂


    this program is for you 🙂
    i know what is vulcan ear, im star trek fan XD as i told, im pretty geekish persona 🙂


    another little ear drow.. and a new top..



    Now she really rocks ! :cheer:

    With normal sized ears like these and while wearing such clothes (or lack of 😉 ), I could use her in basically any setting! 🙂

    This asserts a powerful ensemble. I like it! B)


    first preview for today! (but i hope not the last)
    the fabric web thing on her back is half transparens, will be come out with a background 🙂
    the spider is part of the back-accesory, because is her/his home 🙂



    i fixed some part, and i here is a full body preview



    which design you prefer? spiders, skulls, other? (tell me what)
    this pack main colour as you see black/brown/turquise/red/gray.
    i know many drow illustration use purple, do you want some outfit for purple line?




    same girl iin different outfit


    another top



    I like this design quite a lot : http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/b02.jpg 🙂
    (I would change the ears to normal size but you already knew that. 😉 Just ignore me. 😉 I swear I will refrain from such comments from now on. :cheer: )

    Yes, I do believe dark purple and black work very well put together. They create a general gloomy aura.
    That’s just a general graphic perspective but it’s true for supers costume, it must be true for Black skinned Drows. 🙂


    you can make miniear drows with one click :)))
    i didnt add yet, but i plan: crystals.
    my optinion is not true purple, but red outfit and turqise carven crystal meets..deep purple, yes, dark purple 🙂 will make a try.
    im a little bit afraid from it, because the puple not is my favourite colour..

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 113 total)
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