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    kelemelan: for you i will make a little silver dragon
    its more creature than dragon, yes, crocodile a little bit, and its undead.. 🙂 but still, i just tested the mix and matchable it dont have any story behind it


      Yeah, I was looking for some kind of zoom in order to check just that 😛

      Well, my latest comment is just about the color of the dragon. If it’s a pendant, it soesn’t have to be upside down but if the color can’t be changed, with this pack, a gold pendant shines like a sun. 🙂 A ilver pendant / Amulet would be nice. 🙂


        Sorry 🙂

        The behind part of her pants had a patch connecting her hand and the amulet.
        Closer look reveals the leather strap.
        Maybe change the strap to a gold chain? Or better yet, change my eyes for more acute ones?


        silver pendant also will add for you :3


          No worry, I got your message, we just posted simultaneously. 🙂 😉




            Cute, but I’m not feeding it and it’s not sleeping on my bed ! 😛 B)


            snake is also ready, it will be surprise in the pack 😀 tomorrow i begin with a new pack, this pack is ready 🙂

          Viewing 8 posts - 106 through 113 (of 113 total)
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