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    Drow is just the project name, she will be dark elf, because the drow is copyrighted..but same thing, after all.
    This pack’s Race: Drow
    This Pack’s Theme: Evil Sorcerers.

    Will perfect fit the sorcerer and pirate pack 🙂 (weird, but some pirate top, and example the black coat fit well the dark elf too.

    its a very early phase yet, have around 10 different drow character, i picked some random.
    (no, the first one is not random, she is my favourite)

    i also make some half drow too, since they keep slaves, who knows 🙂



      Decisions, decisions…

      Should I pick the bronze skinned top left or the evil goddess of darkness skinned top right?

      The changes in facial expression again are really good.




        Just perfect.
        That hair sits perfectly, over the armor, with the ear sticking out.

        I expect to see lots of skimpy dresses showing lots of dark elf skin. 🙂


        drow fashion for the win 🙂
        im just loving designing them 🙂


        spiders and skulls, what else 🙂


          Spiky bits, poisoned daggers 🙂

          Did you try the hairs, how do they look with hair colors other than silver/white?
          Like, dark blue, shining black?
          (could you post an example, please 🙂 )


          the hair is one of the last steps
          but the hairs will be mix and matchable, as i told in million times
          but here is she with my fav hair and a wip cloak 😀



          (and a tiara from sorcerer pack :))


            Was just curious 🙂

            How do you call a half-elf where the elf is dark elf?
            Half-dark-elf, Dark Half-elf?

            I like all the shiny things coming together, the glowing hair, shining amulets and belt.
            Looks magical. 🙂


            still half elf i think
            like her?



            all in one scary armour 😀



              I think the collage armor shows the overall style of your armor designs.
              You can choose and mix armor pieces, and they will still look like a complete design, made by the same smith, made with the same style.

              The green spider, seems, spirals all come together with dark brown leather pieces and the light brown metal pieces.

              I like it.


                Come to think of it: they always give black with black for dark elves, but I like these dark browns more than black.
                It’s genuine, hard leather, not something painted black.


                  Is there a way to use the Drows (or normal Elves for that matter) without the long pointy ears ?

                  I like the elven stature and so on but a few sets of “normal” ears would be nice. It would be nice if it was at all possible. I mean, all elven ears don’t have to be long. Thanks. 🙂


                  as you wish 😀 i will put in the program few drow skin with human ears.
                  🙂 its not a problem :))
                  normal ears you mean human, or just “little pointy”?
                  (i dont like a big pointy ears like wow, but this size is necessary because of the hair)

                Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 113 total)
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