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      I’m less than enthusiastic about the stones.

      I keep wondering: how do they stay in place ? super glue ? well, never mind me, if greg finds them likeable, you can bet others will 😛

      On the other hand, though, using these same stones as clothes accessories or jewellery is fine with me. The previous comment is only valid on bare skin.


      Kelemelan: *giggles*
      any wishes for hairs?



        I confess I have a thing for long haircuts (even very long) on female characters unless they are meant to be some kind of warrior or thief type.

        So well… sometimes, nothing like the source material 😉 :


          The first hair is somehow not right, I cannot put my finger on it… maybe how it starts on the forehead? I know it’s like this in real life (from Kelemalan’s linked pictures), but it looks like a solid piece that is put on the bald head.
          But the ponytail is wonderful, all the strands of hair.

          And the second one is just: braids, hair and cleavage.
          I like how you nailed the braid, that it’s dark than the hair, because braids are always a bit darker.

          Just me being a perv again: can you do long hair that’s combed forward, and hides her breasts, and no top under it?


          kelemelan: thank you, but i try to stick a little bit more to fantasy wears 🙂
          but i will definiatly use your link 😉

          you dont like the high barehead. i noticed it. but it need some for tiaras, and other things.
          🙂 but i will make a long hair what you want.

          Any else wish for hair, or other item/accesories?



            Link was only meant as examples of haircuts, not clothes, Sade 🙂

            Here’s another one for short hairstyles:

            This (like the first one) is just meant as inspiration, pick what you need and discard everything else 🙂

            Regarding other accessories, I suppose you’re asking for accessories for the Head.
            Personally, I like tiaras, circlets and so on to be relatively discrete. Mind you, I do use this kind of accessories. However, especially on female characters, I do not use very ostentatious stuff like big crowns.
            Neck apparatus may be a different story though, with the right choice of colors, they could be more sizable. I still think they need to blend in as if they were some kind of cloth. Like a big torque which would cover (some) of the breasts at the same time for instance.


            yes, some still just looks like too modern.
            no, i thought accesories and weapons, and other things 🙂


            greg here is your hair, i hope you like it 🙂



              Ok… well, I have to say that when I think about pointy eared night-black skinned scantily clothed elves, I think fantasy, not medieval but it’s your call, you’re the boss. 🙂 😛

              A list of weapons could be quite long and even worse to implement :unsure:
              I’m not complaining about the present list but then again I’m not exactly using ePic in a medieval setting.
              Just in case, you may find http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_medieval_weapons useful.

              I apologise for being picky but “accessories” is a very large category. :unsure:
              If I think about something specific, I will mention it but yes, if these drows are meant as a D&D reference it’s gonna be tough on me. 😛


                I don’t know about Greg but in my opinion, she looks gorgeous. From a GM’s perspective, I know how to use that kind of character. 🙂


                where i wrote medieval?
                sorry, if i did, i mistyped, i didnt slept too much 🙁 🙂
                i throught which weapons or other stuffs you want see in DROW pack (still :))
                yes, it large. i meant everything what is not clothes: from weapons (whips) to purse, magic effect etc 🙂
                i dont want to make just dnd ish drows.. i want it “universal”..


                  Bows to Sade who serves my every wish. 😀
                  And again, Sade knew what the cause of my problem was, even when I didn’t.
                  Putting a high diadem or tiara on that forehead would look majestic, yes.

                  The fair haired one with the red stones is gorgeous.

                  For that drow look (disregard what you already have made):
                  Black scarf (semi transparent), mask
                  Like the barbarian, tattoos, magical symbol, spider, glowing bracelet tattoo
                  Dark elvish shield (leaf shape, like elf, but with fangs, or mandibles on it, and dark colour)
                  Ritual weapons, obsidian knife, bloody sword
                  The heart of somebody, if that’s not too gory
                  Drow like to use blunt weapons too, mace, flail, with dark runes

                  Don’t know about copyright, but the snake headed whip if one of my favourites.


                    I don’t believe you did. I just checked the type of hairstyle you posted and they just fit my searches for “medieval hairstyle” (long or short) 😉 . But nevermind me, you’re doing the job, you’re the boss, you have the final say. 🙂

                    For weapons, I’d suggest chain weapons (that’s just a feeling, I don’t know if they will fit but I think they will look good), morning stars are the obvious ones but well: kusari-gama, kyoketsu-shoge, manriki-gusari and so on. Chain weapons tend to “look” like whips but they are even grimmer (in my opinion at least). B)

                    Sorry if I’m listing stuff already in the other packs but honest I don’t know all of them without a lot of checking… :unsure:


                    thank you for the list 😀
                    the white tatto is good idea
                    shield: i dont want, because its a spellcaster set primaly, but i think the buckler is more than ok 🙂
                    heart is not ok, i dont want adult, semi adult content 🙂
                    sneak headed whip is on my list 😉 i want more type of whip

                    btw, if you find it too colorful, you can make black and white from it, or other monochrome color, it gives totally different feeling of the image



                      I believe you will find new ideas for clothes design and such if you google for “Cenobite” (Picture Search mode) 🙂

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