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      I can concur with Kelemalan, hiding and hinting at the “female parts” is better than nudity. 🙂

      And I don’t know the proper word for long, flowing skirts, even my dictionary only gives skirt for “szoknya”.

      Leather minis would be nice though for dark elves, or what I call armored hips, metal armor which doesn’t cover the thighs.


      good idea, thank you 😀

      i didnt make normal elves yet, only this one, so for you all of the “normal” elves will have little ear, expect some 😀 ok? 😀

      minis wrote up 😀


        The silk looks nice on drow too.

        With this technique could you do stockings for the legs?
        Or like the second one for drow, different semi-transparent pattern, like tiger stripes, or leopard spots? Or that wouldn’t look good…

        Oh, spider pattern for the stomach area?


        ah, and kelemelan: ALL OF THE OUTITS WILL BE MIX AND MATCHABLE 🙂
        imagine a biiiiiig wardrobe with different boxes. all of the female character able to use it, you can set it with checkbox which box you want use.
        (i can’t repeat enough time :)) so yea, catgirls, drows, high elves, demons, angels, even centaurs (for top) will able to use same wardrobe :))


          Sorry, Sade, I still have to wrap my mind around how epic 2 is going to work 🙁 . Guess I’ll have to give it a try in order to fully understand it. 😛
          Oh and thanks for all those poor elves who have just lost some extra weight with those shorter ears 😛 B)

          I could certainly use stockings… err, that sounded wrong 😉 😛 … I could use stockings for supers and modern characters and I’ve been told that all outfits would be matchable… Anyway… I support Greg, go crazy on the stockings ! :cheer:

          Seriously, stockings and pantihoses are nice but they would work better with matching (heeled ? ) boots, shoes, and/or sandals. So this is a whole world to explore. 🙂


          ok, i try to explain
          sorry for my english
          imagine 3 base character (later it will be more perhaps, for now 3 is enough)
          male muscular
          male normal
          (dont imagine races)

          you will able to set the race for female in body option
          it will be a new window, called settings, where you can set witch pack you want see for the character(and which body options). so EVERYTHING what i did for female (sorcerer, pirate, elf, etc) it will be totally mix and matchable..

          the stocking. if i have at least five pack, i will make a separate pack, only for stocking. modern, fantasy.. just because i can make many stocks, it would fill a separate pack.. and its deserve it 🙂 (ragged, fantasy, etc.. focused to the legs 🙂 (garters (this is the word?) etc).

          ah, and little thing. when i will finish the modern pack for the female… and if you want, you just check the modern box with fantasy, and you can make a modernfantasy character too 😀 also the modern packs will mix and matchable with other moderns, and other fantasy.

          i hope i was understandable now. sorry for my english.


            Don’t feel compelled to apologise, this is the internet, native english speakers are a minority anyway. 🙂

            Yes, I suppose in context garters was the word you were looking for.

            Ok, so if I understand you correctly any user of ePic 2 with all options availables should be able to pick from all available packs provided they fit the current base character.

            Err… as I understand it, using the female base character and the appropriate modern pack, this should ultimately allow me to create a picture of a drow supergirl 😉 Am I correct ?


            Kelemelan: Exactly 🙂
            um.. not really cape.. (i removed the skirt part,but it begun for cape 🙂
            can be stay? 🙂



            checking it on not a drow



              Sorry, I don’t understand. :unsure:

              I believe you were answering “yes” to my question (Err… as I understand it, using the female base character and the appropriate modern pack, this should ultimately allow me to create a picture of a drow supergirl 😉 Am I correct ?).

              I also believe you are asking if this http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/c02.jpg is ok as the start for a cape. I find the question odd, is this what you meant ? :unsure:


              kelemelan: YES 🙂 it was yes 🙂 (you can mix and match your packages what you bought under ONE character (so you can’t use for female for male barbarian, but you can use every female stuff:))

              i begun that image as robe, but i allways removed from it a little bit.. and.. suddenly i noticed its not robe anymore :))) 🙁 :))


              ok, something totally new in name of black and red capes



              well.. not miniskirt this time..
              bandy promised to me, we can hide the body parts, so the wood leg, and mermaids, and kentaurs, and other creatures will be possible
              this is a really weird “pants”

              it will not fit the image fully, BUT you can move the character on the image.
              should i keep it, or you could not use, and its a bad idea?



              a little interest thing:
              look how look like same outfit on different skin colour characters 🙂



                http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/c04.jpg looks very bdsmish to me (not that I’m complaining, just setting the mood B) ).

                I have mixed feelings about the drider’s pic. :dry: It’s nice to have something like this at hand since well, it’s not that common. On the other hand, if the picture gets cropped it may be an issue.

                Now, being able to move the image around, save it multiple times, especially if there was a native ePic format to save the original file could be a workaround. So…

                I don’t know, just tried to provide my perspective but yeah, I’m undecided on that one.

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