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      Just thought I’d show off some art for Legends of Idunia 🙂
      (almost, almost done)

      The first is the stock art armor from this site. The armor and image border by Sade.
      The second is a dagger, also by Sade.




        ‘Legends of Idunia’ is finally done!
        If you are interested, you can download the Print & Play version of the game here:

        Epic Character Generator has been a great help! As have the people of this site, so thanks very much!!

        Update: Some things where still not right, and the Print & Play version is under more construction, but will be available again soon.


          Can’t say I’m gonna be a customer, there’s that thing with boardgames and me 😉 but good luck with your venture! 🙂


            Thanks! And no problem 🙂

            Oh, but it is entirely free, did I forget to mention that? :whistle:


              [quote=”Fasoldgames” post=2552]
              Update: Some things where still not right, and the Print & Play version is under more construction, but will be available again soon.[/quote]

              That explains why I couldn’t find it.

              And I thought I was going nuts for a minute.

              Of course, the two events may be unrelated.


                Nope, you are still quite sane 🙂

                Some things needed fixing, but it will be there again soon!

                Update: But I do have something that is ready to show, and part of the game. Another one of the gods, the Sister of the Sky.
                The new female pack really helps with my pantheon 🙂



                  Hey Fasold, since we’ve decided to feature your game on our page you are entitled to get a pack for free either from the current selection, or from the upcoming ones. Let me know once you see something you would like to get. 🙂



                    Could I get the Dwarf male pack? I’ve been wanting to make some stout hearted, axe swinging, ale guzzling short folk 🙂


                      I’ve added it to your account. 🙂


                        Thanks for the new Female Fae pack! I made a sea goddess with it, and my pantheon of gods is now essentially finished.

                        Still thinking about some more gods though, a fire god and such. But for now, I am quite pleased with my goddess of the seas 🙂



                          Well, for anyone interested :), the Print & Play version of my board game turned out to be not such a good idea. The quality is an issue, and I would really like anyone playing it to have the full experience.

                          So at the moment, I’m overhauling the art, and it will soon be ready on the Gamecrafter.

                          Also, I have started an experiment with my brother, on a computer game. He does the engine, and I the content. I’ve been busy on some character portraits, and I have managed to make 5 of them with Epic Generator in about an hour! and I am quite happy with them.

                          Anyway, I just included 3 of them here: Bjarni the Smith, Siri the Druidess, and Sir Ayric the (not so friendly) knight. The last one is with the new Fantasy Warrior pack.

                          Bjarni.png Siri.png SirAyric.png


                            Good luck on the computer game 🙂

                            I used to do computer games as a hobby when I was younger and had way more times on my hands.

                            Now I content myself with creating board games 🙂


                            Which engine do you use?
                            Sounds fun, and great experiment!


                              Thanks guys 🙂

                              We use Visual Studio and HTML. My brother works in programming, and like this, he said, we have the most flexibility.

                              I myself am, in terms of programming, a complete loss, but I can do the content, and Epic Generator is really great for it.

                              Anyway, as soon as we have something, I would love to share it with you.


                              cant wait, seems interesting! feel free make a separated topic for it 🙂

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