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      Thank you too! 🙂


        Managed to have some time on my hands and downloaded the game today. I’m using Avast Antivirus and it flagged the game.exe as a suspicios file, similarly to what’s being mentioned on this forum (WIN32 BogEnt [Susp]):

        I assume it’s a matter of the engine you’re using, but you might want to consider submitting the .exe for whitelisting too.


          Thanks for the heads-up!
          I’ll look into it straight away!

          Meanwhile, I’m busy with a 3rd chapter for my first game, based on mist and moonlight, and the stories of Slavic mythology, and here’s a vampire character I made for it!

          And a black knight henchman!



            I often saw those two last characters of you, but today I cared more about them. Looked through all your pictures here and got the feeling, that red is your favorite color to use, followed by blue. Can understand that. I’m often using red hair, because I like it.

            Don’t have much to say about the henchman of the black Knight. You can’t see his face anyway and is made of the 1rst seasons model, which is not as thin as the model of season two. Thats good, because, he seems to be more muscular.

            The vampire doesn’t seems to be strong, but that’s the point. You can’t see his might so easly. You can only get the idea, that he might be a vampire because of his long ears. Easly to underestimate.



              Yeah, I am all about vibrant colours! 🙂

              Indeed, the vampire is a bit of a noble and far above something as crude as manual exercises 🙂

              Glad you liked them.

              Busy working on a new game, and experimenting with the face generator. And I like it! I am looking for a colorist though, someone to color the faces, might place an add on gaming forums again soon.

              Anyway, here are two:

              Siri the Druidess and Bjarni the Blacksmith.


                Coloring line art is not that tough but working out of greyscales is way more difficult imho.

                Now it’s my amateurish perspective. 🙂

              Viewing 6 posts - 226 through 231 (of 231 total)
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