Summer Sale 2021

The summer has returned, so did our Summer Sale! During the next two weeks, between 24 June and 8 July, most of our packs and bundles are on a 25% discount. This is the first time that the PSD Exporter is included in a sale, so if you’ve been on the sidelines waiting to unlock this really cool feature, this could be the perfect opportunity to grab it!

If you are on our discord, you already knew about the fundraiser held by The Games Tavern last month, which resulted in collecting $8.215, which translates into 80.000 meals for hungry kids! They did a stellar job in delivering 15 different shows, each lasting for at least 3 hours.

Now as you can imagine, running these shows requires a good amount of planning, and of course, the whole thing is built around the people, and without them, it wouldn’t be possible to create entertainment for others. TGT is dedicated to delivering quality content and is now on the lookout to expand the existing cast & crew with individuals who are into roleplaying and streaming. Check out their call for action below, and get in touch if you are interested!

The Games Tavern Looking For Talent

And last, but not least, I teamed up with a friend of mine and we took part in the GMTK Game Jam this year too, which happened over the past weekend. If you are interested in what game we created in only a span of 8 hours, and also to learn more about the creation process, check out the most recent blog post.

re joined screenshot

Female Rider is here! 7th Birthday Sale started!

In March 2014, ePic Character Generator has been released, and since that time, it helped thousands of users creating their characters to visualize their role-playing sessions, illustrate their worlds and stories, and provide assets for their adventure, card, and board games.

To celebrate the 7th birthday of the software, we’re offering a 25% discount on all our packages for the next 7 days. What’s more, we wanted to thank everyone for showing support in the past years, and prepared a gift! We sent out a unique link in our Newsletter to everyone, which can be used to claim any of our packs for free! If you haven’t received your link, make sure to check your Spam folder, look at your Subscriptions panel in your Account details and make sure you are opted-in to receive news from us, and if all else fails, reach out by e-mail so we can see what might went wrong!

We are also happy to introduce the latest addition to our Season #3 collection. The Female Rider is the perfect character to display characters on mounts! Be it a horse, a snake, or a dino, we got you covered! We also shared some sneak-peeks on Discord in the last couple of weeks, so if you aren’t there already, make sure to jump in, and keep an eye on what’s coming. 😉

Check out the new pack in our store:

There have also been several fixes in the software recently. Thanks to everyone who kept on reporting issues, so eventually they could get fixed!

– The messages for Tutorial and Discord Achievements are now fixed
– Icon paging now works on sets
– Fixed button overlay that made parts of the General categories unclickable
– Fixed exporting colors on multi-select items
– Fixed an issue when loading characters with repositioned bases will incorrectly set the positions of items not being active in the save file
– Fixed background icons in the Season #3 Throne packages

We hope you like the new packs and join in our celebration by taking advantage of your free pack or jumping on the discounts to grab some of the packs you’ve been waiting for!

Lunar New Year Sale

We are excited to announce that between 11 – 15 February, we are celebrating the Lunar New Year, and hosting a sale where most of our packs and bundles are available for a 25% discount! This time of the year isn’t the most exciting part for most of us, so passing time by some character creation could always be a refreshing alternative.

We also added a new Achievement in the Profile section. Anyone who joins our Discord server can claim an additional pack of their choice for free! We already crossed 100 members since we launched our server right before Christmas, and we had some good chatter with a few active participants. You can also interact with us directly, talk about anything you’d want, or we can play some games together. The free packs are just a bonus. 😉 We hope to meet you there too!

Winter Sale + 2020 Overview

Christmas is around the corner, and as usual, we’ll be holding our Winter Sale between 22 December and 5 January. During this period most of our packs and bundles will be available at a 25% discount. As you probably know, the autumn period has frequent sales, but once the new year begins, there usually isn’t anything for a while. So if you’ve been tempted to bag a few packs to play with later, maybe thinking ahead and grabbing them now on a discount would be the best choice for a while.

This year was quite extraordinary for all of us, so I wanted to look back and take some time to walk through what happened in the past 12 months at Overhead Games.

January has been kicked off with the creation of a new website. The other site was built using older technology and our needs eventually grow over its limitations. A lot of time was spent on building the current, since everything was needed to be recreated, mostly from scratch. This took quite some time and taking all the optimization that went into account probably filled a good part of February too.
With the new site, I took the opportunity to start writing News in a blogpost fashion so that anyone interested could keep track of what’s happened, even if they aren’t subscribers to our Newsletters. I started creating monthly Wrap-ups so we can still post an update on what’s been in the oven even though nothing major happened worth sending a newsletter for. You can find these Wrap-ups in the News section: 
In March, Throne Lady #2 was released, and we also held our 6th Birthday, where we sent out a free pack to all subscribers in our Newsletters.
In May, after long years of waiting, we finally released the option to export the characters as layered PSD files. We wanted to make sure we are providing this option the most optimal way possible for our users, so we had a detailed questionnaire prior to the release, where we asked our Pro users to discuss potential pricing and the form of release. We were really happy to see so many replies and we were confident we’ll provide the exporter in a way that most of our users will be happy with.
We also released ePic Character Generator on at the same time. While I wanted to provide the best, integrated experience for users checking out the software there, I failed to get the attention of the support team, so I was unable to properly configure the options for users to purchase packs on directly. As a result, all transactions will still go through our website similar to how it’s done in the standalone client.
In June, the male pair of the Throne Lady, the Throne Savage was released. It was interesting since this was the first package where we provide full coloring options for the skin, and as a result, even with a single base character, lots of exciting personalities can be created.
In August we took a little side-trip, and since I’ve been working with new people on my next project, we decided it’d be a good experience to participate in the GMTK Game Jam, and make a game in under 48 hours around a theme specified by the organizer. While the originality of the game ended up in the top 10%, our overall score only put us in the first 20% of the participants. Nonetheless, we were happy with these results. If you are interested, you can read a more detailed post on how we approached the jam here:
Waste Waster Gameplay
At the end of August, I took a look at RPG Scenery, an exciting way to visualize scenes during role-playing. You can read my experience, as well as try the software for yourself following the links here:
Since September, only a small amount of time was spent working on ePic Character Generator. I fixed a few issues that were reported earlier both in the client and on the website, while also participating in various sale events on Steam.
In November, the Fantasy Starter Bundle debuted in the Humble Store, which is a huge milestone for us! Getting into the Humble Store is not easy, since they are very selective on what they allow into their storefront. Thanks to all the users that were using the Steam version over the past years, and especially those who decided to write reviews on the store page, we were able to demonstrate that people are happy with the software, and eventually get listed.
I also got into my first sponsoring deal with The Games Tavern, as I offered a few keys for lucky viewers of their streams. I also got interviewed by Reid, and we talked about how I became a programmer, why we decided to create ePic Character Generator in the first place, and what’s coming next.

In December, the official Overhead Games discord server has finally been launched. It’s brand new, but there are lots of things to do already. First, you can hang out and chat with us, enjoying our company. While we can discuss any topic on your mind, or play games together, we’ll also share updates and sneak-peeks there first.

You can also play various games, like russian roulette, blackjack, participate in cute animal-races or simply bet on a coin flip, just to name a few. With all these games, you can collect Gold, a digital currency on the server, that you can later exchange for various goodies. As of now, there are already several Steam keys for various games, as well as ePic Character Generator packages available. You can also offer your own digital items on the marketplace, and obtain more Gold in the process. Both the list of available goodies as well as the games will be extended later on. In the past two years, I wrote numerous games for discord on a friend’s server, and we’ve had extreme fun playing these over the months. Since the architecture of the bots is a bit different, it’ll take some time for me to port these, but they are coming!

But that’s not all! You can also participate in a fully-fledged, text-driven idle RPG, where you can go on adventures, obtain loot and money, level up, upgrade items, form or join guilds, battle others for fame and glory, and many many more activities await you! So come, join us:

But this is not the end of the story yet. As I mentioned, since September most of my time was not spent with ePic Character Generator, as I’ve been working on a new game for quite some time now. The original idea came in April 2019, and ever since I’ve been on and off the project whenever I found the time. I started working on it more seriously this January, and since it’ll be a game with lots of text in it, I hired a writer to create these parts, as I’m not a good writer myself. During Autumn, I also came to a point where the high-level vision was already refined enough so I could start looking at different art directions. I looked around on various platforms to find the perfect match for my vision, and in the end, I got over 50 applications as potential artists for the game. I took several iterations with them, and in the end, I got the perfect style that’ll go really well with the setting and the mood of the world. I hope you enjoy the sneak-peek below:

Overhead Games Unannounced Game

In the meantime, I also started looking for a second designer/writer. We were able to create most of the buzz of the new world ourselves, but I felt that there’s still a missing component I wanted to put more focus on. At the time of writing, the game, from a technological point of view, is in a very advanced stage. All that is left to do now is fill it up with all the content we want to add, make the game interesting and exciting, and do lots of iterations to make it a very enjoyable experience. We plan to do a closed alpha and beta testing at some point early next year, so keep an eye on your e-mails, or join our discord server, if you like detective games, and would be interested to sign up!

As for the future, Elena, the artist of the Throne packs is working on a new package for ePic Character Generator. Once again, it’ll be a completely unique take you never saw before, but there are quite a few technical quirks we need to overcome before we can release it for you.

I hope you liked this recap of the year, and are as excited for next year as I am. I hope to be able to share some more with all of you very soon. If you want to have a more detailed overview of what has been happening, check out our News section!

Have a nice Christmas, and let’s hope together that 2021 will be a better New Year!

Autumn Sale + first-ever video interview

Autumn is in full swing around here, and this gives us a perfect time to start staying more inside and dust down our favorite games again. This time, however, we can only do so much in a digital space. To spice up any role-playing games with exciting characters, we’re hosting our Autumn Sale between 25 November and 1 December. During this period, most of our packs and bundles will be at a 25% discount. Combining this offer with any of the Pro bundles will reduce the overall price of the packages a lot, so if you’ve been on the fence about letting your creativity flow, this might be the perfect opportunity to unlock endless character streams in your games or projects!

During November, we teamed up with The Games Tavern for a month of giving back. They focused on raising money to help Operation Supply Drop, and we were happy to provide some character packs they could give away during streams or on Twitter when specific targets were reached.

Since we were already in contact, we also organized a short video-interview, so viewers can get to know me, and the project a bit better. This was the very first time I took part in such an interview, so if you are interested in the story behind ePic Character Generator, check out the following video. I hope you’ll like it.

Join our Halloween Sale, and unlock the Halloween pack for free!

It’s that time of the year again, spookiness revolves around every corner! By taking part in our Halloween Sale, starting from today until the 2 of November, you will automatically get a 25% discount on most packages and bundles on all platforms!

As a gift of our gratitude for the long time support, we’ll add the Season #2: Female Halloween pack to each account that holds at least one pack at the end of the sale. So if you don’t already have the Halloween pack and been waiting for an opportunity to purchase your very first pack, now would be the best time to do so! All packs will be credited to accounts after the sale is finished.

Digital Tabletop Festival & PSD Exporter changes

While being locked away from big gatherings and never-ending board game nights, you can still enjoy the thrill of many games by playing their digital counterparts! Spice up your games and stories with avatars created with ePic Character Generator! Between 21 and 26 October, most of our packs and bundles are available at a 25% discount!

We always value your feedback and try to accommodate every input we get into the software, so the following changes are requests coming from the members of the community:
– PSD exports are tuned down to 8-bits from 16-bits, to increase compatibility with image editor tools
– Exported PSDs now include the colors set in the software instead of exporting items in their original colors
– We also fixed a crash during Tutorial for PSD Exporter owners

Throne Savage is released + Summer Sale kicks off!

To celebrate summer we are running a Summer Sale during the next two weeks! Between 25 June and 9 July, most of our packs and bundles are on a 25% discount. This is the first time that the Comic Monster and the Throne Lady are included in a discount, so if they’ve been on your wishlist for a while, this could be the perfect opportunity to grab them on the cheap!

Due to popular demand, we also got a partner for the Throne Lady! Check out our brand new pack in the store:

Full nudity of the models has been something that was asked a lot in the past, and we gradually added options to support this request. At a first step, we made the default bras on Female models removable for Pro members to increase the usability of the packs. Now after releasing the PSD Exporter, we are essentially giving you the ability to modify or entirely disable any layers you want, so it made sense to also make this change in the software. From now on, owners of the PSD Exporter can also remove the default panties inside the software, available for characters in Season #2. This feature will incrementally roll out to other Seasons too, but as it involves updating each package one by one, it’ll take some time.

In the past month we also got an awesome review written by Timothy S. Brannan. If you aren’t familiar with his site, go check it out, as it has tons of interesting stuff! Read the full review here:

We hope you’ll like the new pack, and enjoy the summer!

6th Birthday Sale + Throne Lady #2 release

In March 2014, ePic Character Generator has been released, and since that time, it helped thousands of users creating their characters to visualize their role-playing sessions, illustrate their worlds and stories, and provide assets for their adventure, card and board games.

To celebrate the 6th birthday of the software, we’re offering a 25% discount on all our packages for the next 7 days. What’s more, we wanted to thank everyone for showing support in the past years, and prepared a gift!

We received feedback from some of our users who’ve been our long time followers that they haven’t received our last update when we set our website live back in January. To help avoid similar cases in the future, we recently spent a lot of time on increasing the reachability of our newsletter, so hopefully, everyone is going to get notified this time around.

So we also prepared something special this time! We sent out a unique link in our Newsletter to everyone, which can be used to claim any of our packs for free! If you haven’t received your link, make sure to check your Spam folder, look at your Subscriptions panel in your Account details and make sure you are opted-in to receive news from us, and if all else fails, reach out by e-mail to so we can see what might went wrong!

In December we released 2 brand new packages. The Comic Monster pack featured a whole new art style and allowed users looking to create comic styled beast, rapture, bird and dragon monsters, just to name a few, while the Throne Lady pack introduced a more gritty style and allowed users to experiment with different hand positions in the pack.

The Throne Lady pack was a great success, so today we’re releasing an expansion pack for it, which contains more items and several supernatural elements to further extend on the available arsenal of character creation. As in Season #2, both packs can be used together, to increase the available items in each category!

Check out these packages in our shop:

Since we shared our Questionnaire in our latest post at the beginning of March, we continued to receive lots of submissions, which are very helpful in guiding us in the direction which most of you are asking for. We can’t stress enough how valuable your constant feedback is to us, so we decided to keep the survey open! If you haven’t already, you can fill out our quick Questionnaire to help us better understand your needs!

And last, but not least, if you’ve been using the software in the past 6 years, and have been happy with it, please consider showing your support by providing a helpful review on either the Steam or the Google Play version. Writing a review is free and only takes a few minutes, but it helps us tremendously in reaching new users, which is important in order to constantly improve the features and content of our software. Once again, if you aren’t happy with what we have now, don’t hesitate to either visit our Forums and share your suggestions publicly, or send us an e-mail and tell us what you want to see improved! 🙂

We already have some pretty interesting things coming in the following months, which we can’t wait to share with you. Stay tuned for more!

Website Launched + Lunar New Year Sale

We are happy to let you know that our new website is now live! We loved our old one at, but over the past couple of years we faced several issues and limitations while we implemented various new features in the software, which we could no longer overcome. All major features of our site is now available on the new one. You are welcome to join our Forums, browse topics and participate in discussions which interest you the most. You can also visit our renewed Shop section, have a look at our packages and take advantage of discounts. You can find your usual place of Profile management where you can unlock Achievements and exchange your free packs to the ones of your choice. Furthermore we also added a new section under News, where we’ll keep all our news for further reading, as well as from time to time, we’ll publish interesting reads which are more related to technical developments and other events which we think could be interesting, but wouldn’t want to send it out in a Newsletter.

Please be advised though that our website is still in development, which means we’ll make changes to colors and images, add new functions, and improve user experience over time. In case you run into any issues please do let us know by either e-mailing us, or posting in our Forums, so we can be aware of the issue, and fix it as soon as possible.

Furthermore we’re also hosting a Lunar New Year Sale until the 27th of January! To celebrate this event, we’re offering a 25% discount on most of our packs and bundles. As usual, the Starter Bundles are excluded, along with our most recent packages, so the Season #3 Throne Lady and Comic Monster packs can only be bought for full price. We know we’ve been packed with sales in the last few months, but since we usually follow the pattern of Steam sales, we expect not to have any more discounts until mid-summer. So if you have plans of creating awesome characters until then and still missing a few packs from your collection, now could be a good time to stock up!

 In case you missed it, we are still running our Questionnaire and we are looking to get more feedback from you regarding ePic Character Generator. We got many responses so far, but since we got some really good insight we decided to keep the form open for a while. If you can spare 5 minutes to fill it out too, you’d be entered into a raffle where we also give away 50 packs for free! Please do help us to be able to give you the content you want to use:
2020 looks to be a solid year for us, with new and exciting packs, as well as other projects being on the horizon. We also hope you’ll like all the new stuff we are preparing for your. Stay tuned for more in the next few months!

Winter sale details

We hope you are enjoying christmas and the holiday season as much as we do. Winter Sale is already rocking with a 25% discount on most of our packs until the 2nd of January, but there’s more in the update we recently published for our software.

As we already mentioned in the last update, we’ve been working hard to create new packs with external artists, and as a result, we also put a lot of effort to make pack creation as easy as possible. We already added lots of new information to our Developer Program page with a lengthy video explaining all the details from downloading the template psd, to getting the character available in the software. We’re still working on making this flow more friendly, so several improvements will come in the near future.

In case you missed it, there was a discussion on our Forums lately, where Payne asked if there is an easy way to create Kitsune characters in the program. Two of our veteran users quickly responded, and after some discussion Ashesnei actually created a small pack, which adds new items in the Horn and Tail categories for the Season #2 Female characters, which can be used to easily represent Kitsune characters. She made this pack available to everyone for free, so today is the release of the first Community Pack too. If you are also interested in creating additions to either the existing packages, or making brand new designs, check out the Developer Program with plenty of information to help you get started!

We are always looking to improve the software based on feedback from you, our users. We changed how new users get into the program in the future, and made the Tutorial an optional choice. To incentivize doing it, we also made it an Achievement, so more free packs can be earned from now on. If you’ve been using the software for a while don’t worry, simply log in again, and you’ll be granted a free pack immediately.

As we mentioned in the last update, we’d also like to see what YOU want the most. We put together a Questionnaire to get a better understanding of your needs and also to be able to improve communication with you. We received lots of responses already, so if you can spare 5 minutes to fill it out too, you’d be entered into a raffle where we also give away 50 packs for free! Please do help us to be able to give you the content you want to use! Here’s the direct link:

We hope you have a nice end of the year, see you in 2020!