ePic Character Generator 6th birthday Throne Lady 2 Release

In March 2014, ePic Character Generator has been released, and since that time, it helped thousands of users creating their characters to visualize their role-playing sessions, illustrate their worlds and stories, and provide assets for their adventure, card and board games.

To celebrate the 6th birthday of the software, we’re offering a 25% discount on all our packages for the next 7 days. What’s more, we wanted to thank everyone for showing support in the past years, and prepared a gift!

We received feedback from some of our users who’ve been our long time followers that they haven’t received our last update when we set our website live back in January. To help avoid similar cases in the future, we recently spent a lot of time on increasing the reachability of our newsletter, so hopefully, everyone is going to get notified this time around.

So we also prepared something special this time! We sent out a unique link in our Newsletter to everyone, which can be used to claim any of our packs for free! If you haven’t received your link, make sure to check your Spam folder, look at your Subscriptions panel in your Account details and make sure you are opted-in to receive news from us, and if all else fails, reach out by e-mail to so we can see what might went wrong!

In December we released 2 brand new packages. The Comic Monster pack featured a whole new art style and allowed users looking to create comic styled beast, rapture, bird and dragon monsters, just to name a few, while the Throne Lady pack introduced a more gritty style and allowed users to experiment with different hand positions in the pack.

The Throne Lady pack was a great success, so today we’re releasing an expansion pack for it, which contains more items and several supernatural elements to further extend on the available arsenal of character creation. As in Season #2, both packs can be used together, to increase the available items in each category!

Check out these packages in our shop:

Since we shared our Questionnaire in our latest post at the beginning of March, we continued to receive lots of submissions, which are very helpful in guiding us in the direction which most of you are asking for. We can’t stress enough how valuable your constant feedback is to us, so we decided to keep the survey open! If you haven’t already, you can fill out our quick Questionnaire to help us better understand your needs!

And last, but not least, if you’ve been using the software in the past 6 years, and have been happy with it, please consider showing your support by providing a helpful review on either the Steam or the Google Play version. Writing a review is free and only takes a few minutes, but it helps us tremendously in reaching new users, which is important in order to constantly improve the features and content of our software. Once again, if you aren’t happy with what we have now, don’t hesitate to either visit our Forums and share your suggestions publicly, or send us an e-mail and tell us what you want to see improved! 🙂

We already have some pretty interesting things coming in the following months, which we can’t wait to share with you. Stay tuned for more!

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