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The Summer has finally arrived, and with the heat, comes the desire to either chill outside under the cozy shadows or to spend some more time inside, enjoying the cooler temperature. Either way, the time is still the best, as always, to team with friends & family on epic role-playing nights!

To help engage in your adventures, we are hosting a Summer Sale between 23 June and 7 July, offering a whopping 25% discount on most of our packs and bundles. Taking advantage of any of the Season Bundle offers meaning most contained packs can now be snagged at almost half price! A bargain if you’ve been waiting to get them for a while.

In other news, I’ve personally been mad busy in the past few months, even to an extent where I was unable to host our yearly Birthday celebration! To make up for this unfortunate event, a free pack has just been sent out to all newsletter subscribers! So head into your mailbox, look up our last e-mail, and click the link in there to get your hands on one of your future-favorite packs at completely no charge!

Since the release of the Mac build earlier this year we’ve kept on working to implement the required functionalities for the iOS version. We have to tick a lot of boxes to be compliant with AppStore’s requirements, but we are grinding our way towards success slowly. If you are in our Early Access program, you will receive invitations to have access to these new builds once we are at a stage to start testing them with a small, closed group.

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