ePic Character Generator Tabletop Festival 2021

We are super happy to announce that the Digital Tabletop Festival returns this year! Spice up your games and stories with avatars created with ePic Character Generator! Between 21 and 25 October, most of our packs and bundles are available at a 25% discount!

We always found it important to make it as easy as possible to both new users as well as veterans to get the most out of our software. Since we kicked off Season #3, we managed to collaborate with several artists to create packs in various styles and themes, and we felt it’s now time to also combine them in a Bundle! So in case, you were still on the sidelines of getting any of the newer packages, grabbing them at a discount could be a good idea right now!

When ePic Character Generator originally launched in 2013, it was only available as a Standalone build for Windows. We since made the software available on both Steam and itch.io, as well as ported it to Android, and it’s available on Google Play since 2018. We received a lot of requests for Mac and iPhone builds, but since the software is built using a custom framework, porting isn’t an easy task. However, we are happy to announce that porting is in the works, and we would like to ask for some volunteers who would like to receive updates on this first, and would also like to participate in early testing of the first versions! So if you have a Mac or an iPhone, make sure to jump into our Discord and let us know you are happy to give it a go once we reach that point by taking on the “ePic Early Access” role!

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Spring Sale 2023

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