ePic Character Generator Blog Website Launched Lunar New Year Sale 2020

We are happy to let you know that our new website is now live! We loved our old one at epicgenerator.net, but over the past couple of years we faced several issues and limitations while we implemented various new features in the software, which we could no longer overcome. All major features of our site is now available on the new one. You are welcome to join our Forums, browse topics and participate in discussions which interest you the most. You can also visit our renewed Shop section, have a look at our packages and take advantage of discounts. You can find your usual place of Profile management where you can unlock Achievements and exchange your free packs to the ones of your choice. Furthermore we also added a new section under News, where we’ll keep all our news for further reading, as well as from time to time, we’ll publish interesting reads which are more related to technical developments and other events which we think could be interesting, but wouldn’t want to send it out in a Newsletter.

Please be advised though that our website is still in development, which means we’ll make changes to colors and images, add new functions, and improve user experience over time. In case you run into any issues please do let us know by either e-mailing us, or posting in our Forums, so we can be aware of the issue, and fix it as soon as possible.

Furthermore we’re also hosting a Lunar New Year Sale until the 27th of January! To celebrate this event, we’re offering a 25% discount on most of our packs and bundles. As usual, the Starter Bundles are excluded, along with our most recent packages, so the Season #3 Throne Lady and Comic Monster packs can only be bought for full price. We know we’ve been packed with sales in the last few months, but since we usually follow the pattern of Steam sales, we expect not to have any more discounts until mid-summer. So if you have plans of creating awesome characters until then and still missing a few packs from your collection, now could be a good time to stock up!

 In case you missed it, we are still running our Questionnaire and we are looking to get more feedback from you regarding ePic Character Generator. We got many responses so far, but since we got some really good insight we decided to keep the form open for a while. If you can spare 5 minutes to fill it out too, you’d be entered into a raffle where we also give away 50 packs for free! Please do help us to be able to give you the content you want to use: https://forms.gle/8TFLHLYqwwcCh8nu7
2020 looks to be a solid year for us, with new and exciting packs, as well as other projects being on the horizon. We also hope you’ll like all the new stuff we are preparing for your. Stay tuned for more in the next few months!
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