summer sale 2023

The Summer has finally arrived, and so has our Summer Sale! With the heat, comes the desire to either chill outside under the cozy shadows or to spend some more time inside, enjoying the cooler temperature. Either way, the time is still the best, to team with friends & family on epic role-playing nights!

To help engage in your adventures, we are hosting a Summer Sale between 29 June and 13 July, offering our BIGGEST discount to date, a whopping 35% off on most of our packs and bundles. Taking advantage of any of the Season Bundle offers meaning most contained packs can now be snagged at almost half price! A bargain if you’ve been waiting to get them for a while.

In the background, we’ve also been hard at work to bring Temporal Shore to life as a unique and exciting experience. A 3D artist also joined our team to realize a fully interactive map where you can explore the island, place buildings, and encounter unique events & challenges! We do expect to have a closed alpha test during the summer, so if you’d like to get invited, please add the game to your Steam wishlist, as well as keep your eyes on emails from us!

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Spring Sale 2023

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