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    you have perfectly right 🙂


      See you, Sade. 🙂


        Draygon. Each of the season 2 serie (Male, female and muscular) is in its own circle if you will. So you can use Male add-ons with the male serie, but not with female or muscular. And you can’t use Muscular with male.

        You cannot use season 1 stuff with season 2 material either. Season 1 is completely autonomous.

        So, if all you have is the military wardog pack. Everything could be okay, depending on what’s in this pack but you can’t rely on using what’s in the male pack since the male pack comes from a different serie altogether.

        I’m sorry if you feel like I’m stating the obvious. It took me some time to wrap my head around that one and it’s been tedious so I’d rather give a hand if I can. 😉 😛


          Yeah, I gathered most of that from browsing these forums. I suppose some of what I read may have been much older than others so perhaps some of what I read is no longer accurate. We’ll just see when the next set gets released. I still plan to get as many packs I can afford, and I’m more focused on Fantasy anyways. XD


          weird note: if i put any shirt under the chest armor, look like “spellcasterish” the outcome. what do you think?



            Yes, it does, in a kind of heathen sort of way but it works. Those guys from the barbarian pack have to find some witch-doctors to share their food. 🙂 😛


            this guy looks like more witch hunter than witch for me XD
            ok, back to work.
            too bad i can’t stop it 😀


              That would be because when you read “witch-doctor”, you think “Salem”, I’m thinking something like “pictish wilderness”, so yeah he’s wearing a tad too many clothes but if I needed to illustrate some aquilonian sorcerer hidden in conajohara, he’d work fine 🙂 😛

              And yes, I sort of noticed you came back in a hurry. 😛


                Will there be more scars and beards? I hope so 🙂


                of course, this is why i asked do you want a special scars, to somewhere… 🙂


                  I’m for more facial scars, as slashed nose (like Squall and Seifer from FF8), torn lips and so on – becauese my characters are almost always full clad so other scars wouldn’t be visible :cheer: as for beards I find the current ones too elaborate, simple goatees or moustaches are few (they do work well enough though so no complain on this side, I’ll be happy with anything you prepared 🙂 )


                  facial scara for nose i think we have already, or i just wanted to make dont remember, noted, under progress 🙂




                    You spoil me :blush: nice concept 🙂


                    made some more with mixed size and place, now i am working on weapons 🙂

                    (And i cleaned them a little bit)

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