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      Basically, everything is copyrighted, but in order to violate a copyright you’d have to design the same character and tell the same story with him/her. (Long story short)

      The problem with a character who looks like superman isn’t a copyright issue it’s (for instance) that the superman logo is a trademark and that “this is a job for superman” has its own legal status.

      But create a big strong invulnerable flying guy dressed in red white and blue and call him Titan (like Dark Horse did in the 90s, cf Will to Power), and this is perfectly kosher. 🙂


        The list I gave you is of open source and public domain supers 🙂

        What pack is it anyway ? human male warrior ?

        The elven hair and the goblin skin are gonna be standard part of the pack or a bonus ?


        this is a human warrior. i think shouldn’t be all skin is human, what is comes with the pack 🙂
        Lbandy (he have right btw) allways pushing me about the names, this pack should be Male Fantasy Warrior 🙂

        Every pack have some hair and skin for standards 🙂 (this originally because for making every pack stand alone, but also if you buy a fantasy pack, you will able to use in modern settings too (at least the body parts)


          Well, you COULD use the weapons in a modern setting as well for those modern people that like the feel of more archaic weapons. 😉


            Smoother skin helps a lot to that end because unless you’re gming shadowrun or if you need to design a leper, the warty skins of orks and undeads are of limited use in some settings 😛 😉

            hush, I’m pulling your leg. 😛


            yeah, i try to make useful stuffs 🙂
            about shadowrun, because of shadowrun i want make the “military wardog” addon for muscular much have to do 🙂


              Cool! That would allow for the modern backgrounds to go with the muscular male characters. Not that I’m making many modern characters, yet. >.>


                Weapons aren’t really the issue, if I need to design a God of Thunder, I’ll need a BIG Hammer but it’s about the guy 😉 😛

                One way or another, when you look at him, you’ll have to be impressed and think “it’s a bird, it’s a…” oops, wrong one 😛 😆

                Anyway, I think I need supersized supers for those guys. They look sorta cute at normal human size. 🙂

                No rush, no pressure, but maybe one day, that could be the way out.

                In order to be able to use the supersized weapons and just because they look so much more impressive with that bulk which make sense, I’m talking about guys like Thor or Supes. 🙂


                  DrayGon, unless I’m mistaken, that would allow the “military wardog” add on to go with muscular, not the modern ones.

                  Personally, I see a huge difference. 🙂


                  yeah, its for muscular
                  sorry, i have a -2 ars magica flaw, ununderstandable 🙂


                    This is the internet for roleplayers, we all do.

                    I just typed a 5 paragraphs message talking about the supersized pack instead of the muscular one. 😉 😛

                    Four languages are tolerated: English, Bad English, Sperethiel and Sindarin 😉


                    you forgot about klingon 😀



                      Silly me. B) 😛

                      Impressive art, this one. :ohmy: 🙂


                      this is the 100% 🙂
                      i am happy you like it 🙂
                      ihave some character (like the dark skinned elf) what i just pity to resize, because took some nice details. i hope he will looks like nice in a little bit smaller size too :3

                      but good side, some painting parts and errors also dissappears 😀

                      i am off for today, tomorrow continue with weapons


                        I suppose I should have clarified. I’m figuring the Military Wardog would be more modern, and thus would allow you to use modern assets when making muscular male characters such as backgrounds and objects. If I’m still mistaken, then I apologize. I thought that the reason male modern stuff wasn’t able to be used in female characters (in one of the threads I read) was because of the lack of owning a modern female pack.

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