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    We have an adventure alike fantasy wardrobe, but still we need more mighty outfits, and accesories, weapons, etc.
    Working on warrior pack.
    early stadium, about 30 items.
    As you know, i usualy choose some dominant colors. now: blackish (gunmetal in metal), and red in first turn.
    i try to be keep update on the thread, showing some new items, and combinations 🙂



      Design and colors look just fine and at this stage, 30 items are quite a lot if I may 🙂

      However, I’d suggest you use the human muscular built rather than the standard one. It’d make the guy much more impressive and it works miracles with plate armor. If the armor works with all builts then that’s fine with me. 🙂

      As usual, that’s provided you’re looking for bulky fighters like I do, but I’m kind of persistent on that one. 😉


      almost 50 🙂 (still need make alot of postwork on them 🙂
      You say he does not seems enough strong? *giggles*

      the truth is why i decided i make it first, because the adventure pack is perfect for.. well.. adventurer.. but if you want make a little bit more fighter like character.. it will not fit.

      i plan to make in this set many many different type items, what makes fighter from a simple adventurer. shoulder and chest items, loins, a little bit different tops, loins, and weapons.
      .. you know, just items, what gives you a little bit bigger freedom 🙂


      and of course full plates, chainmails, and others..

      and yes, i will make warrior, with hard armors for the muscular too.. 😀 and yes, i think he will seems far more impressive in full plate like him.. 😀


      ok a little bit more serious preview.
      it will be a full plate generator too.. what is sounds fun!



        Yup, that’s what I’m saying, where plate armor is concerned, I expect some amount of bulk, and thus some big guy (or woman) inside the armor. A tough dwarf should qualify as a “big guy” in this case 😉 but yes, I do see some stout fella when I think about it. 😉

        Now, for chain or scale armor, things may be somewhat different since, at least, the armor itself can be be more “form fitting” in a way. And thus “less bulky” if not “less heavy”. 🙂

        Hence Red Sonja’s notorious Scalemail Bikini, which R.E. Howard never described. Enough said about bikini armours. I’m staying off that topic, no worry. 🙂


        here is an example for designing non metal armor
        it would look like totally different with shoulder armor, or with some metal pieces on leg.. but still, it works.
        (its not final, i have to design the armor pieces all of them, paint some things on net, but this is why its wip 🙂



          Yup, it works. 🙂

          Now, looks like soft leather armors usually did not come with full body coverage, they were meant for archers and such, so impeding movement would be an issue. On the other hand, hard leather armors were indeed more bulky and did include all kinds of sets and pieces. 🙂


            I’m taken with the idea of piecemeal armor.
            Sade: ork scorcher armor? 🙂

            Combined leather and metal parts will look great on the characters.
            Really non-conform with real historic armors, but a leather chest with metal shoulder pads and bracers suits a fantasy hero really nicely.


            Kelemelan: yes, this is why I left his arms free 😀 and it ‘s gonna be a very powerful pack (I promise), because it will have soo much possibilities. OK, every pack has a lot of possibilities, but these possibilities are very dear to my heart XD

            Greg: yes, you will definitely be able to make a scorcher armor, I left some empty places for putting the symbol or other personal design on if you want, but if you dont want, you wont have an “empty” feeling.


            layer counting: 65 🙂




            keep it simple





            eclectic design



            some elf skin for den2k :3


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