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      Like the armor, makes him look nasty. B)


      there is not really armor, just armor pieces dropped to each together 🙂 i am happy you like it, if you change something, it will look different 😀 i hope it will gives many ideas


      one more elf



        Thank you very much *_* Those are exactly the droids elves I was looking for <3


        here is the first hair. its not the same as you mentioned guys, but similar. and other shorter hairs coming soong.
        (its kinda elfish, i hope)
        after skins i will begin work on weapons too.



          That’s perfect :woohoo:


            yup, looks like elven stuff. I’d use it in SF or supers for some star-prince from sirius 17 but that’s me 😉

            I’m recycling the high fantasy material nowadays. ;P


            the second hair, and i put a little bit extra skin in every pack, here it is



              nice green goblin, hehe 😉 😛


              truly i throught of you. if i even cannot make a spiderman outfit 😀 (sorry, i am did not watch the movies, i know only the comicbook, i even dont know the green kobold even appeared into them, but somewhy i throught the green kobold is badass, because he does not afraid to wear purple-pinkish outfit XD
              but i imagined him something like this with biiig teethy smile (and sadly his big nose does not visible well because of the pose XD)


                I didn’t watch the most of the movies either. I’m old school and I have to say the marvel and DC cinematic universes are not what I’m looking for. 😛

                I’m bronze age, silver age, platinum age all the way.
                Nowadays costumes are sooo boring: 😉 😛 B)

                So, yeah, I’m definitely much more of an Astro City (splendid Alex Ross art on that one, please, have a look in case you missed it 🙂 ) fan than a Batman one. :cheer: 😛


                Do you know Vertigo’s stuff? They also have some really cool comic..some of less superheroic (Sandman is the ultimate favourite of me, but as i remember, i loved Y, the last man too :))

                By the way, i remember to it 😀


                  Well, since the latest (read current) volume of Astro City is published by Vertigo, I guess I know vertigo stuff, in a way. 😉

                  Now, until the recent changes in DC, Vertigo was their imprint for more angsty stuff like Hellblazer, Sandman, American Virgin and so on. I can’t say I have many of these in my comics library. Sorry, basically, I get interested in Vertigo when they don’t publish real hardcore Vertigo stuff. 😉

                  I’m really looking for spandex-clad heroes, from indie publishers (pick one: Moonstone, Boom, Dynamite, Blue Water, whatever) since recent marvel & DC mainstream comics (basically since new 52 and marvel now) are hardly worth the paper they are printed on, imho. :


                    That and Marvel and DC stuff is probably copyrighted, so might be risky to make stuff based off their characters too much. *shrugs*


                    they are, Kelemelan gave to me a list about open source (is this the word?) superheroes, what i did not forgot 🙂

                    About the goblin guy, i think he far away from green kobold 🙂

                    Soo back to the topic.

                    I finished with the hairs (5 hairs, probably i will make more)

                    working on: SKINS

                    Next: helmets 🙂

                    Current item numbers: 130
                    (and no weapons, no backgrounds, no items, and companion yet, omg, it will be a big pack :))

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