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    i added about 30+ish weapons, and some shields, and some other armor pieces

    still on todo list:
    – make last strokes on weapons
    – facial hairs
    – companion
    – background items
    – backgrounds


    weapons – ready
    companions – ready
    more scars added

    todo list:
    facial hairs
    background items



      OK. I love the pic you just posted and I love the kitten it displays 😛 😉

      Scars, not so much, I confess (especially if I think modern, and I do), now well, to each his own, I guess. 🙂


      the warrior is almsot ready.
      have to fix the background elements, and some other last strokes
      here is the two first random guy




      dragon hunter?



        Last minute order (if they aren’t already in) maybe you could add a few scabbards (both left-handed and right-handed) ? 🙂

        At the moment, everybody has to hold their weapons in hand at all times. 🙂 That’s tiring. 😉 😛


        i think have few one in adventure pack (it should), and have some chestbelt for back weapons
        i closed this pack’s content already (it turned too big, almost around 200 items, and i wanted to optimize one pack per 120-180 max, but the next or in the challenge pack, i wrote up:D (i checked, it have 3 scabbard yet, and some for modern firearm holder too)


          Yep, I see 2 full scabbards in adventurer packs but I was thinking empty ones so that you can have a guy (or a girl) with an empty scabbard by his side and a sword in hand for instance, or shorter scabbards for main gauche and daggers, and so on. Just let me think, and we are gonna make a scabbard pack 😉 😛

          Nah, I’m kidding, but you get the idea, for medieval weapons, 4 scabbards should be fine (2 empty, 2 with a weapon, on each side of the character. And indeed, some packs already provide some of them, so that sounds okay. 🙂 😛

          Modern holsters are more of a pain since they can be placed in so many ways it’s really tough to encompass, but hey, I’m the supers guy 😛 I don’t need no holster to carry super-strength or eye-beams. 😉 😛


            Wow, the images look very nice! I’ve been waiting to make some kind of holy knight or Paladin character, this pack seems great for that!

          Viewing 9 posts - 61 through 69 (of 69 total)
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