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    do you know prisma app or
    they can make also nice effect
    i love the character


      [quote=”sade” post=2763]do you know prisma app or
      they can make also nice effect
      i love the character[/quote]

      Hadn’t heard of either, actually. One’s a mobile app though so I won’t be making any use of it, and the other is mostly in Russian (including their terms of use -there’s no English translation), so I won’t be using it, either.


        Ok, I did note that prisma was an iOS or android so, just like kalnaren I took it out of the list, then I had a look at the russian site which looks nice, indeed but since it requires registration and such I postponed the said registration to some later time when I’d have said time to waste ::P: …

        Now, you’re saying it speaks russian ? That could be an issue. Any further info ?


        i send an example
        base image (painting by me)

        with ostagram:

        SAME effect with prisma

        this is why i suggest ostagram, in my point of view, the ostagram’s system in many times much better (or just i like it more)
        (of course it would need some postwork, but still.. )


          Of course, but our concern is more about the legal issues.

          Since the licence is in russian and I haven’t spoken russian for ages (not kidding) I would just like to make sure it’s all right for us.


          i assume its free, but they shave skype and fb, and lot of channel for ask.


            Not a big supporter of facebook (read their contents of rights, disagreed, therefore, well… ;P ) but I could use skype, sure.

            Note, that it could be free but still not “really” free (the famous difference between “free” speech and “free” beer

            That’s the distinction I’m thinking about.


              [quote=”kalnaren” post=2762]Thought I’d get back to doing my own characters 😛 [/quote]

              Thanks for the story! Do you use it only for roleplaying games or do you intend to write a book about the characters? They sounds interesting enough!


                “Only” for roleplaying games ? errr…

                Because they are what matters 😛


                  I don’t doubt the .ru’s legit, I just don’t like putting my e-mail address and/or uploading anything to someplace that I can’t read the TOS on.

                  [quote=”Fasoldgames” post=2770][quote=”kalnaren” post=2762]Thought I’d get back to doing my own characters 😛 [/quote]

                  Thanks for the story! Do you use it only for roleplaying games or do you intend to write a book about the characters? They sounds interesting enough![/quote]

                  These characters were originally created for a series of short stories I’m working on. I “borrowed” the characters and setting for the little boardgame project I’ve posted earlier in this thread.

                  I’ve actually considered making a P&P RPG set in my world, but I’m afraid I don’t have the skill to make one from scratch and I’m not familiar enough with a system I can houserule to do it.


                    Since I may want to use the characters in a commercial setting, I do want to know if free means either that I don’t have to pay or that I can do anything I want with the pic (with some restrictions that may or not apply), so the terms of service matter to me 🙂 ). Gratis vs Libre 🙂

                    A RPG is as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

                    Since your world is basically ready, it’s all about the rules, not about the setting. And the rules can be one line long:

                    “Throw a coin, head wins, tail looses, GM decides if he needs to, period 😉 ”

                    Ok, I’m pushing the point for the sake of argument but this is actually true, I actually played and GMed without any rules. Roleplaying is about roleplaying, not about the rules. 🙂

                    Now you could use that tool it’s an interesting system (not a d20 copy by far btw, it’s from 1983 ;P but it’s in french so use your friendly google auto-translator 😛 😉 ) :


                      This is related to the previous link, short system (french speaking again).

                      Everything in a short space.


                      And, about the legal stuff. Anything on wikipedia is CC BY-SA, of course. So you can make a rpg out of it, with the usual limits of these licenses.


                        Freeform wouldn’t work as my world has rules that govern how it works. The thing with my setting is that there’s a few requirements that need a framework. Specifically the style of combat employed by the Tali’Centi and how magic is governed. I have pretty strict guidelines for both those in my writing and thus would require a ruled framework in an RPG to do likewise (for my writing it was done for both consistency in magic use and to place some hard limitations on what could be accomplished with it -I can’t stand fantasy where magic is a constant deus ex machina).

                        The two systems I’m most familiar with are both d20 systems. I like them both a lot but neither will work (particularly the magic power creep doesn’t work AT ALL for my setting). I thought about creating a few custom classes for an Epic6-style campaign but without re-calculating the underlying math it would be a crapshoot as to whether or not the system is balanced.

                        D&D Next would be a little better since bounded accuracy keeps the power creep in line, but my setting simply isn’t that high fantasy so it would be a lot of work. The near elimination of feat trees also makes that less desirable.

                        And other than that, I just don’t have the time to learn another system to the point where I can make significant changes to it and understand the ‘under-the-hood’ impact that will have on it.

                        I’ve started a rough framework for an essentially classless system, but I think it will remain a sideshow hobby project rather than an actual playable system.


                          Basically you don’t like magic that is magic, hey 😉 😛

                          If it’s all defined and controlled, it sounds very much like science to me. 😉

                          Magic is more like Art in my mind, but fine, it’s your world. 🙂

                          Note that I never used the word freeform, I said max freedom would be up to the GM, and I’m using such powers (I’m using them anyway, but still 😛 ), so if a game gave me the power to do anything I wanted, I’d feel extremely comfortable. So why bother ? It makes things easier for you. You don’t have to develop everything about the rules, and all things considered, you can always add that later if you need or want to. What’s the rush ?

                          My perspective is, for instance: If you developed something for d20 I wouldn’t be interested because I’m not using d20 (I’m using some OGL clones or so, but not d20/D&D itself so, not interested). However, a setting without system could be interesting because I wouldn’t have to get rid of all that useless rule system I’ve no use for. If the setting or scenario or whatever itself is fun, I’d buy it. I already bought several of these.

                          Of course, that’s only me talking 🙂

                          No offense meant but did you try to look out of the D&D/d20/OD&D/AD&D/D&D Next/etc bubble ? All things considered, you can always add that later if you need or want to. What’s the rush ?


                            Something is definitely wrong.

                            Previous post is completely f***ed up. It didn’t went through correctly, should be much shorter and it’s a mess. 🙁

                            Trying to fix that. Give me a mo.

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