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    if you allow me a suggession (a little bit)

    If you have a chance, you should use the 2nd season (much more versatile, and higher resolution!)
    You can try special effects, not just basic photoshop ones.

    Here is what I’m thinking (I increased the image size to 1500x1800ish pixel and after making the effect I decreased) (for some of the effects I made a little modification, like double layer setting the second screen, or setting the contrast, but in 99% I left it as it came out)

    (This is just a few examples, I could make many more)


      For the sake of it, allow me a short explanation, Fasold:

      Just because it’s fun: role playing game means game about roleplaying, actually, dice are optional 😉

      To me, it’s all about being someone else and that’s why I feel constrained by a board of any kind, or a virtual word in a mmo, and so on… Only a GM can give me the actual freedom I’m looking for (by being able to change the world if necessary). And that’s why I hate it when these other games call themselves RPG. Simply because they are not providing a true RPG experience. And I was playing actual RPGs before they stole the word so I feel cheated when they use that same word. 🙂

      Not expecting an answer, just explaining a perspective : mine.

      But I’m not going down this road again, let’s enjoy the ePic effects, these are much more fun. 🙂



        Thanks! I’m working on a Tabletop Simulator module for prototyping (it’s WAAAYYY faster and cheaper than doing it all by hand), I’ll link it when I get the game to a playtestable state.


        I completely see where you’re coming from, and I don’t entirely disagree, either, and have similarly “stuck to the old ways” with other subjects 🙂


        The reason I still use Season 1 packs is for variety. Season 2 content may, overall, look better but overall there’s much less of it compared to season 1 content, and overall I find it less versatile. Particularly the lack of different poses means I’m not doing everything in one season or one set. It’s fine for one-off or a small number of characters, but when you have 8 of them side-by-side the identical poses are quite jarring and very obvious. Hence I mix it up a bit.

        For the counter art the lower quality isn’t much of an issue anyway, since printed they’re 1″x1″ counters.

        I like the results you have there with the effects. I have to maintain transparent backgrounds on my images which generally requires sharply defined edges. Regardless, I haven’t finalized the art style yet so I’ll definitely play around with your suggestions there and see what I come up with!


          Have to say that Kal is correct there.

          Season 2 is overall more powerful, definitely, but in order to reach that end the three basic characters (female, male and muscular) have to use the basic same poses so, so far, until there is a “varying pose” option (now that’s an idea 😉 😛 ), season 1 does propose some variety in the way the characters stand. 🙂

          I’d add that season 1 feels like plenty of different characters right from the start. For instance, pick the dwarf or anthro pack and you’ve got something you cannot do with season 2. And it looks even better because their postures are also different. 🙂

          So yeah, Season 2 looks way better, no argument, but there are some things in Season 1 that still can’t be found anywhere else. 🙂


          kalnaraen: i cant wait to release the patch the the warrior pack. the warrior pack makes soo versatile (you can make your own armor design, from 5 subcategory, or use less, recive different design). and i think the faces already much more versatile than the season 1 (bad side: for it have to buy more packs, yes, but worth buy the modern packs too for skins, hairs, and other bases).
          you can check the photoshop actions too. here is alot of free (mostly for colors, but have some nice )
          also if you want use Topaz Lab’s effects, these also can be handy


            Warrior pack is for normal male or for muscular ? (please, don’t answer “female” or I’m gonna feel silly 😛 😉 )


            if somebody needs, i open to commission for making mini packs for special race/pose XD

            you probably right, just i see the season 1 and 2 with different point of view 😀 (like development.. i know lot of changes hardly, or not recognizeable, but i allways loved take care to details)

            warrior pack:
            normal male (what is ready from months :)), and ALMOST ready the female (i mostly will need cut from it, rather than add 😀 ) (i try cut the elf pack put some stuff to fae pack, but no luck, still over 200 items, and they are will stay 🙁 )


            example for warrior female




              Those look great! Even if the armour is a little over the top (I personally prefer a more realistic armour look). But more variety is always welcome.


              you can make more realistic armour too. wide variety.
              now you can mix:
              – underwear (underchainmail, or leather armor) (they blend and mixable well with non armor tops as well!)
              – top (the base armor part) OR
              – top2 (what is partically have some premade part, or long neck, or shoulder armor)
              – thigh accesories
              – chest accesories
              – armguard (from realistic to high fantasy too)
              you will recive totally different type armor, or you skip one, or change one 🙂
              – toggleable loin part

              so its truly turn much versatile 😀


              (sorry for off, here is a more low fantasy what you make from warrior)



                This looks very nice but low fantasy is way closer to the pirate or barbarian packs to me. I mean, that’s dirty, tattered and grimy. This warrior pack is shiny and clean. To me it feels like a hollywood version of the middle age and I would use that in a supers setting, definitely (and I will 🙂 :cheer: ) , but not in my usual grim and gritty Conan fantasy settings if you get the idea. 😉 🙂


                  [quote=”sade” post=2211](sorry for off, here is a more low fantasy what you make from warrior)


                  Very nice.

                  Any idea when those will be making an appearance?


                  the male version so soon, after come out the elven female, and after the warrior female.
                  my part only the content, so i cant say exact date. the warrior is 100% ready(male) will come out with tha patch, the elven female is around 90% ready, the warrior female 75% ready
                  (and have other few packs these also near complete)


                    Just messing around with different filters; did another picture of Annaleigh Garnette.

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