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      I guess I should have read closer…. I don’t know but it wasn’t what I expected. I just purchased the Adventurer Male and the Sci FI Male but I just don’t think I have any need for the few choices that are actually human in that Sci-Fi pack. Is it possible to exchange for a different pack or get a refund? 🙁


        Hi caenissnow,

        Sorry to hear that the Sci-Fi pack didn’t meet your expectations. Can you give us an idea what you don’t like about it specifically? Looking at the description and the images on the store page, what do you think, why it isn’t what you were expecting?

        You can exchange the pack in the same price category for another one if you would like. Just let me know which one you would prefer.


          I think I expected more human type guys in there than there actually are. And I should have read closer what choices were there for hair and all. It’s my mistake. I’m just more of a fantasy than a sci fi person I suppose.

          I’ll have a look at the packs quickly.


            Any chance I can get the Elf Male from season 1 and pay the $2 difference? I honestly don’t see any others at $5.99 that would work. :/


              I’ve changed the packs for you! 🙂


                Thank you LBandy. 🙂 Sorry for the trouble.


                i know its late, but:
                – Did you turn on the demo and adventure pack, when you used the scifi pack? if yes, you should be around 30 skin
                – the scifi and the fantasy even different style, but these are mix and matchable! you can use the adventurer or any other skin (or other items) from season 2 to season 2 scifi!
                – and we release soon for points the forum challenges, what contains many modern things

                the good part of season 2:
                – the content is extendable

                so, if you belive me, you don’t switch, but use the mix and matchable function, and if you need something special, you write to the forum, and i add it to next pack.

                (in fantasy we release the warriors, in modern the forum challenge, what is modern type addons (modern, scifi, superhero mixed).

                but this is just my point of view


                  So you mean you can use the sci-fi stuff with the fantasy stuff?

                  EDIT AFTER FIDDLING: Wow…. Thank you so much! I did not know that. 😛 Now I feel kinda dumb. I could have had the look I wanted after all. I use this and lots of other things for inspiration for writing fiction and I had a guy in my head I wanted to make. I’ll have to save up some money again. 🙂 This housewife thing just doesn’t pay enough.


                    You can use everything you owe within Season 2 male at the same time provided you activate the relevant packs.

                    You can also use everything you owe within Season 2 female, and everything within Season 2 muscular.

                    What you can’t use simultaneously is stuff from season 1 or stuff from male + stuff from female. Not simultaneously that is. They aren’t cumulative. 🙂

                    So, yes, you can use season 2 SciFi + season 2 Fantasy at the same time. 🙂 Just activate them both when you launch the soft.


                    hullo, in SEASON 2 YES YES YES
                    this is why have less skin in seasons 2 pack, because when you buy a new pack you build not just the wardrobe, but the body too! 🙂
                    and feel free ask, and if you have any special wish, just ask, because i usualy can put it the next pack 😀 (example den2k wanted some elf guy, the elf pack will come later, so i made some elf to warrior pack.. his final fantasy-ish cowboy hat went to the “buy for points” forum challenge packs!)

                    you can mix and match the season 2 packs, what is under the three base characters. 🙂


                    ah, and what kelemelan mentioned (kudos for him!) the general pack (card, token, background, etc) works with male _ AND_ female packs too.

                    so, if you accept a suggession from me, you don’t switch to season 1 from season 2.
                    season 2 is much better, and owe much more potential.


                      Well, I wish I would have known all that before. I would have kept the sci-fi one, but that’s okay. I’ll get it again eventually. 🙂

                      I want to get the barbarian guy one eventually too, but it takes me a while to save up.


                      i am happy to make it clear 🙂
                      soon will be released the forum challenge and user made packs, what you can buy for points, or just download free 🙂

                      if you have any question, feel free ask 🙂
                      have a wonderful day!


                        Now that’s odd, I couldn’t see your message ( until I hit reply. And I kept refreshing my browser.. :unsure:

                        Anyway, I’m curious about one point : how can we buy challenge packs ?

                        I mean if it is through points, where’s that “point shop” and if it is through actual money, I couldn’t find the challenge pack on the site or through the app. Well for obvious reasons that may be normal but I’m expecting to have to spend some money, sooner or later. 🙂


                        kelemelan: who win it for them add automaticly (as i know), after 3 pack gathered (3 month), will be released in shop, and you can buy it or for points or for money.

                        my original ideas was the packs should be buyable only for points, and release immediately, but bandy told (and he have totally right), it wouldn’t be fair to “non foruming” persons. so we decided both version 🙂

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