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      Okay, I like the little things like a hundred more items to the female pack 😛 😉

      For what it’s worth the picture displayed looks great. Maybe the character herself feels less epic than the surrounding background but well, I’m not complaining, the stormpuppy itself was worth it. 😉

      Thanks !


      i think this coat-alike thing is better what i thought
      new favourite



        Yup, full of majesty.

        Feels very renaissance or cloak & dagger to me, though.


        yeah, she is in adventurer pack (what is more citizen, noble, general adventurer instead warrior or mage.. it have some neckpiece and other stuffs, what is makes the existing outfits more colorful. i like the characteristic accesories, what able to change the whole style..
        greg push me to make a separate “steampunk” pack, but truly have TON OF outfit what i made, and put at first 6 different packs, but still not sure where should be the best place.. so i decided we finish the elf pack first (it have about 250 items, so also need a feedback, should be one big pack or two little?)


          The trick is you’re talking about fantasy and steampunk packs and you’re asking me so I’m going to redirect the question. 😉 😛

          If you were talking about modern/supers pack, I’d rather have one or two really big packs (say one male, one female and one muscular) and some optional packs (like the challenge packs) in order to round the edges and with the passing of time add a few extra items here or there. Now, of course, I understand that those bigger packs would be more expensive but well. I do suppose they’d offer a lot more options too. 🙂

          On the other hand maybe a lot of smaller packs also make room for many more releases and that’s good too 😛

          So well, as long as we get some more shineys, this should work anyway. 😉 😛


          i will ask greg for making a fast counting
          (i am still making outfits no items no hairs or generals (just very rare).
          but still have ton of items
          little something.. would look like cool with the dirt/blood settings, but these are separately implemented yet.







            Nah, no need beat her to a pulp. I’m not using much grime unless it’s discrete, just for some ambiance. The pic looks pretty nice to me without the extra trauma. 🙂 B)

            Too much of it and it feels like she’s coming out of a car crash. 😉 😛


            it can be anything XD

            i am go back to work, i will pop up some new random images soon 🙂


            and i hope LBandy will not bite my head because of this screenshot 😀



            daily random from modern wip


              That’s from a second female modern pack ? 🙂 :cheer: 😛

              And, btw, any gossip about the female superhero pack ?


              just the outfit

              i am working on lot of pack in same time 🙂
              i will show soon preview from superhero pack too :))


              Elf pack as it looks like now:

              17 base
              10 Hair and colorable hair
              6 hair with hair
              7 hat

              25 boots (now i have 40, have to cut)
              51 top (perhaps will cut a little)
              15 pants (have 18, take out 3)
              2 fullset
              2 suit
              3 armored top
              3 underwear
              6 loin

              15 bracelet (will take out 5)
              11 necklace

              8 chest
              2 cloak
              4 coat
              1 eyewear
              1 thigh
              5 waist
              2 wings (taking them out, because its not a fae pack)

              i have to add weapons

              6 background
              5 companion


                Many Thx ! 🙂

                On a side note I couldn’t find a worthy translator for hungarian so I’m sort of at a loss for the companion part 😛

                PS: the update to the site is pretty cool and it feels sleeker so far. 🙂


                  🙁 🙁 🙁

                  The update to the site is called: our server hosting.
                  You have timed out during loading, and some of the CSS files didn’t get through, so you miss some of the usual formatting. 🙁

                  It’s a bug, not a feature. 🙁

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