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    elf pack first time mixed with others
    here is some random







    its a forrum challenge pack 2’s effect
    so cool some with fantasy packs too



      While rooted in fantasy, these look awfully gorgeous and you’ve got me yearning for that challenge pack ! 🙂 😛


        By the way, could it be possible to access some higher dpi for exported pics ?

        I mean 72 dpi is fine for on-screen material but it would be nice if there was an option for varying varying the dpis when you need that printed stuff in 600 dpi… 😛 (yeah, 300 is usually enough but still, you got the idea 😉 )

        Tbh, maybe I already asked for that one. Can’t remember. Apologies if I did, but it just crossed my mind so here it is. 🙂


        no. the reason is simple: size.
        truly, making a pack have two real side: me, and bandy. i am the daydreamer, bandy is the realistic. i would say yes, of course, but bandy work alot (really) for cutting the pack size about 50mb.

        my original idea was for the season 2 characters 1600×1900 px, and you could zoom, because of the screen’s quality loss would be ugly (even the export would be pretty).

        i think if will have season 3, its will be bigger, and higher resolution, dpi, but for time, we decided this is enough. this is the fair trade of the wishes and realism 😀


          Yeah I get that. No sweat. Note that my sole focus is about the exports. Higher rez are quite irrelevant while working on screen but once exported, it shows. 😛 😉

          Everything else may be a bit too much at this stage and I understand that, no worry. 🙂


          what you see, what you get 😀


            Well no 🙂 Due to my screen rez, I’m exporting at higher rez than what I see. My guess is this is due to these funky laptop rez things 🙂

            What’s even worse is my backup comp with a lower rez than this one actually makes ePic look better. Don’t ask me, I’m just using the weird things. eheh. 😛


            A little bit of a status update:
            As you know, i begun to work on more packs at the same time. It comes with pros and contras.

            – instead of 120-150 items per pack they will have 200 or more items
            I try to push it down, but I don’t have much luck with it :))
            – the items are more mix and matchables
            – the packs are ready faster (i know you did not noticed it because we wait with the releases, but you will do now 🙂

            – less Wip images, but if you ask, i will gladly make
            – no switch between male and female packs, a lot of females will come now, followed by a lot of male





              Feels very faeriish. 🙂


              fae pack officialy finished 😀
              release order:
              Warrior Male & Elf Female
              Fae Folk (Female)



              I gave Greg the right to decide about the next pack.
              He couldn’t choose between female fantasy warrior, or scifi female.
              Help him, what do You want to see next?




                Sci-fi female, anytime. 🙂

                Plus if that art represents the sci-fi pack, it feels more like john carter of mars than buck rogers, so, I would use it in a fantasy setting anyway (without the gun that is). 😉

                End result: I understand Greg, eventually, it doesn’t matter that much. 🙂


                  Female Warrior is mostly medieval with some fantasy, real protective armor, not the kind you see in mmo’s. (but we do have chain and plate bikini in the underwear section)

                  Female Sci-Fi has a broader spectrum, from steampunkish post-apocalyptic, through John Carter (as Kelemelan said) to – as I refer to it – Mass Effect style armors and clothing.

                  But both are over 200 items strong, like the Elf and Fae coming out now.

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