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      I’m happy, that Sade is always enthusiastic, and doesn’t let herself get down.
      Superhero is a really, wonderfully broad term, from the classic spandex superman through masked vigilantes to sci-fi mutants.

      I would like to add so many things to it, that is far greater than the scope of the pack.
      (we have discussed this before on other packs)

      Currently I’m in love wtih the powered armor (with and without helmet), and the previous armor (thor universe by Sade) reminded me of Magneto and the X-Man films.
      So I would like Sade to add even more of the signature armors and looks of the supers…. without any copyright infringement of course. 🙂


      i think i will be make some png addons for this pack (Freely downloadable like Stands packs). But now im continue the working 🙂
      Thank you for everybody 🙂


        You’re welcome. 🙂

        I’d suggest that since the superhero genre is so generic, maybe the current superhero pack could be a “general supers” pack, indeed. 🙂 And well, if it’s succesful (if it sells that is 😛 ) maybe we could have “specialized supers” packs in the future for specific kinds of crime fighters. 🙂

        But, hey, that’s just an idea coming from a supers fan. 😉 B) I know you have a lot on your plate for the time being.

        Thank you for all the work you’ve already done! 🙂




        little offtopic, but i have to share a screenshot 🙂
        and the cards are ready 🙂



          New interface looks much better to me. Gives ePic a (somewhat more) modern look that I got to like. Modern is my settig of choice afterall. 😉

          Now, yeah, I’m sure the sword-wielding, dreadlocks-sporting guy is a hero at heart but isn’t this jolly topic for eyebeam firing spandex wearers ? :cheer: B) 😉 😛

          Thanks for the preview. 🙂


          im happy you like it!

          sorry, when i made the screenshot i did not thought i will share it, but i could not resist.
          some little thing i have to fix, but otherwise come back to superhero. today i plan to share card and effects previews 🙂


          name this hero 🙂






          without character effect



            A lot of good stuff you have there! Thank you. 🙂

            Which makes me ask : do you have an expected date of release for the new ePic Generator ? Could you hazard a guess ? 🙂


            thank you
            I want to know too! 🙂 It’s depends only LBandy 🙂 he moved to another country, and big life changes at him too.. but he work on it!

            I’m also can’t wait!


            it is realistic but you can make cartoonish effect if you change the colors



            i just let you know, im finish this addon 😀

            1 accesory
            4 companion
            10 background
            8 base skin
            4 card
            6 hair
            19 effect
            1 full body (the special armor for kelemelan)
            4 hat
            3 background item
            4 misc item
            36 suit (tadaaa)
            15 weapons

            i tried to make exactly 100 items, but as allways, i failed right now too.
            and i could make more, still i dont find “full” this pack, but .. 🙂 somewhen i have to finish.
            i hope you will like to use, as i loved to make


              Sweet, thx! 🙂

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