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      Oh, well, I’ll answer with a trick question: how would you draw a guy like Iron-man ? With the super pack or with the sci-fi pack ?

      If powered armors and big guns are in the sci-fi pack, I believe this answers the question. 😉


      he have hair!



      not in scifi..futuristic extreme..dont know.. help 😀
      i took out from this pack the too heavy armour, since in this pack i focused the spandex, and light weapons, armours..


        Okay, here’s Iron-Man :

        Basically his armor is a skin-tight costume with metallic hues and a few bumps and some tech gimmicks here or there. I guess the same kind of effect should be doable without too much of a hassle. Don’t you think ? 🙂

        On the other hand, for very heavy armors who are more like battlemechs ( 😉 ), I understand that they are beyond the scope of the character generator. Maybe an add on for a few of them ? Just for the sake of completion ? Up to you 🙂

        What do you think ? 🙂


        lol, i know iron man (and he does not have only one armour). but i think its too heavy, compared to daredevil, or arrow, or superman 😀

        and yet the mech pack not on my list. perhaps as companion, but not as separated back.

        this is the problem with the thematic packs 🙁 🙂

        btw i made some more heavy armor, but i selected out for later packs. i found it a little bit too 40k-ish (if you know)

        Possibly solution: i put some armor part what makes the character more armored 😀


        nothing similar in this pack, sorry



          Actually, I would bet that Superman without any armor is taller than Tony Stark in full Iron Man’s garb (Yeah, “common” armor 😉 ), he’s the Man of Steel afterall. B) But ok, I could be wrong, not gonna start a Marvel vs DC Flame War. 😉 Just saying that because the notion of “bulk” is relative.

          Back to the point : pity there won’t be powered armors in this pack, I’m gonna miss them. :unsure:

          I listed the mechs only for the sake of completeness. They should be more at ease with a scifi pack, indeed.

          One note though (just because I can’t help myself, sorry 🙂 ). If you just use you just posted, and you make it look metallic. You add a Full Helmet, and you’ll have a very credible Powered Armor. 🙂

          I wasn’t thinking beyond that kind of things (and I won’t mention it again). 🙂

          That’s why I’m not sure more parts or more bulk are needed. It’s just that powered armor are usually metallic, so it’s about more metal, that’s all. 🙂


          ok i make it for you :))
          im sad i cant put everything in one pack 🙂


            Thanks, I owe you one. 🙂 😆


            you throught something like this?



              Sure, looks sleek and self-contained. Just perfect. :cheer:


              is it scifi or fantasy?
              (base outfit with pauldron addon)



                Neither. To me it looks Steampunk: à la John Carter, Warlord of Mars. 🙂

                Hey, that’s just my perspective, to each his own… 😉


                for me, thor-loki university warrior
                i think this pack will be useful for scifi and for fantasy and for modern users too


                  Makes sense, the Superhero Genre uses everything: Magic, Science, Living Gods, Lost Civilizations, Living Toons, What have you… There’s something for everyone. 😉

                  Look for Black Knight, Lost Civilizations, Thor, Ares, Dark Elves, Space Knights, Galactic Empires and Armored Starfighters and you’ve got everything altogether in the supers genre. No other genre can do that. 😛

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