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    Beware! A wild superhero addon popped up!

    It will be a fantasy and modern part.
    here is the first preview





      Yes! 😛 Now We’re Talking! 😉 🙂

      I’ll assume most of of the colors are variable except for the metallic part.

      It’s a great start, I like it. 🙂


      every colour part can be changed, so i try to choose the colours wisely.
      im not sure how will i make it, perhaps like as the hair, preset and colored version
      i try to leave place for you can put any symbols to there
      i have to tell
      it’s fun 😀
      more preview coming soon 😀


      29 modern and fantasy superhero outfit is ready 😀



        Yup, superhero outfits are fun. 😛 B)

        They can be serious, gloomy or goofy but that’s why they are fun 😉

        By the way, maybe you want to anticipate that at least some sets will need a Symbol, so maybe leave some room someplace for a letter, a greek letter, a number, a symbol, and/or something like that ?
        Maybe not for all sets but for the blankest ones (like I’d believe your other examples would require like a much smaller more discrete symbol, if at all, for instance 🙂 ), that would be nice 🙂


        i will discuss it with bandy, if the program cant put it, i will release a png addon for it.
        as i wrote a tutorial, it can be easy way add it to the outfit.
        just if i put emblem to it, i feel i take the chance from the user, and i dont want fill the wardrobe similar outfits


          Well, I figured this Symbol/Emblem could be used.. or not. Like an extra layer. That way, you wouldn’t take a chance from the user or fill the wardrobe with similar outfits. 🙂

          X-Character could just be displaying an X, Super-Character would be displaying an S, and That Other Character nothing at all because his name doesn’t fit the theme, that’s it :cheer: 😉

          Of course, if there are any limits that makes this too much of a pain, I get that, no worry. 🙂


          all of stuff is “extra layer”. the problem is technical, i cant say to the program “this option only avaible at this and this and this image”..

          i know the limitations. i have to know 😛 the other problem: i can collect and put the fitting copyrighted emblem as free png pack, but i cant put into program. not because of the program, but because of the copyright.


            Oh, sure, I wouldn’t ask for copyrighted materials like the Superman or Wonder Woman logos 🙂

            In this instance, I’m just thinking about simple letters. Even DC Comics doesn’t own the letters S and W 🙂


            i want make at least 40 different style
            after comes the character bases, and hairs
            and the superhero accesories.
            backgrounds, companions, and stuffs



              Ok, you got me hooked! :cheer: 🙂

              I’m seriously eager for this pack to be available! 😛


              i did not disappear.. eh.. well.
              just busy
              addons are work in progress
              from modern to less modern weapons
              and i have the favourite face from new pack.. 🙂



                A few suggestions in no particular order :
                – Energy Weapons ?
                – Power Manifestations ?
                – High Tech Equipment ?


                energy weapons: a few, the most will be in scifi pack
                power manifestations: this is the next step, i plan to make them universal (for female and muscular charar too)
                high tech equipment also in scifi.. should i make superhero-scifi pack together?
                it would solve some wishes (Actually, lot of wishes)

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