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    version 2.0
    some hours ago we talked about it with the other developers, we had been working much on it, we dream with it 😀
    sorry, if i wrote misunderstandable 😀
    the Epic Generator will be released soon

    Yes, the old packs are still in it, everything you have bought.
    No, the new features will not work for the old packs.
    Yes, it will be released with Demo packs for every character
    Yes, it will come out with a new pack in every few weeks.
    it will be available soon 😀
    At first here, on the website
    After that, the Steam Version
    After that an Android/iOS version too 🙂

    and on next monday we will start the new Forum Challenge too 😀


      Ok, but if I read you correctly once you’ll switch to Steam, you won’t be using the current website for releases ? Is that so ?


        Just to make it super clear, we will maintain the site and the standalone version in the future too. Everything purchased here will be available on other platforms, and vica versa. If you prefer having every software in one big library, you will have the option to have the program on Steam soon, and don’t need to have a separate ePic installation. Othen than that, it will work and receive updates just as before.

        Take nothing as granted on portable devices yet, however we’re doing our bests to bring the software to mobiles as well. The plans are to support Android first, and iOS afterwards. And again, every pack you own, regardless of where it has been purchased (on the website, Steam, Google Play, AppStore) will be usable on any installation you have linked to your ePic account.


          Thanks for clarifying the whole process. I was still trying to figure it out. ^^


            Just wanted to add my desire for white robes for male characters, as well as the muscular male, though the latter could wait as it’s unusual for a muscular character to be wearing robes. This falls back on my scholarly minotaur, though. >.>

          Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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