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    Mason Wheeler

      Looking at the demo female character that comes with Epic Generator, I see a wide variety of tops, bottoms, and a few full-length dresses that cover both top and bottom. But what do I do if I want to make a wizard? A dress is something very different from a robe, afterall.

      Do we have any downloads that add robes as a clothing choice? And are there both male and female versions available?


      hello! thank you for your feedback!
      we working on the new version, and it already contains cloak-subcategory 🙂
      and the first two female pack will be spellcaster 🙂
      The new packs will be thematical, so you can decide which pack you download. The reason was simple: impossible put everything into one pack. (I made two spellcaster pack for females, and i am still not feel “finished” the theme. 🙂

      The bad news: Sadly the first edition packs will be not supported anymore.
      Good news: Thematical mix and matchable (in character) new thematical packs. 🙂 For females already made robes and cloaks , and we will release them soo soon 🙂 🙂

      Mason Wheeler

        Awesome! Though when I look at that, I see “female, female, female.” Male wizards need robes too; do you have anything in the pipeline for them?


          From the male Adventurer pack, made with one of the new cloaks:


          Something like this?

          Mason Wheeler

            Hmm… that might work, although most depictions of wizard robes have them flowing down a lot further, usually as far as the ankles.


            for the males i worked a little bit more on modern “line” (mostly because of feedbacks), i am not ready with the male spellcaster pack yet, but the females have traditional wizard robe to untraditional drow robes every type. The male version also will contains 🙂

            My working system is a little bit unfocused, when i finished a pack, i make a poll what you want see next time.. 🙂

            Mason Wheeler

              Fair enough. I’ll keep watching…


                I confess I kept pushing for modern/future/super packs so I guess I kept Sade somewhat busy and away from traditional fantasy stuff. 🙂

                However, I concur, as far as I can tell, the forthcoming packs should solve the issue for female characters. Males do not have long flowing robes for those Wizards… or Jedi Knights 😉 😛

                Final note: Sade, you’re saying first edition packs won’t be supported anymore ?
                Does this mean ePic 1 will just stop working when ePic 2 will come online ? And if so, how does it translate for us who bought the packs for the previous version ?
                Or did you mean something else ?


                I am making the male demo (not the muscular one, he is ready) character, original he was modern, but somehow he transformed to fantasy 😀 (i have 2 psd files, almost equal items, this is the reason i did not make a forum thread for him yet :))

                Not supported only means i will not make new items for them 🙂 (i told it once, i had a hdd crash, and i lost every related items, but it just helped to make the changes.

                Since they was alot (Separate characters), now we have only 3 character, and they wardrobe are mix and matchable. better item blending, and more variety and more realistic faces, more subcategory for making them more unique.. 🙂
                we also find a solution for front-behind blending problem, what is not worked in the first version perfectly.. after all the first version is not bad at all, just i have too critical eye.. 😀

                Edit: and yeah. We are restless improve the program 😀 But i think this is good, i am quite proud to it 🙂


                  Ok, so if I understand correctly, the old packs will still be supported (ie: they will still work) but they won’t be improved, enhanced or developed. Fair enough. “to support” is kind of a tricky verb in english. 🙂

                  Any update regarding the Superheroic Female pack ?


                  Yes 😀 Exactly 😀

                  Ok, after i finished this guy, i am make a counting what we have and what we need 🙂
                  but it can be happen 😀


                    All right, I’ll be waiting for further info then. 🙂

                    You know the deal now, I’m a sucker for spandex-clad amazons in brightly colored apparels. 😉 😛


                      It’s been a while. Anything new under the sun ? 🙂


                      hello, the coder is on vacation 😀 (i mentioned once i moved to spain from hungary, and he visited us :))
                      back to the work:
                      I dropped greg into the deep water, he is finding bugs now, and testing and testing and testing..
                      i am about finishing the muscular supernatural, and after i plan to make a female supernatural.
                      We try to facing the technical “problem”, i planned one pack 100 items, but the most little pack is 120. But have a pack with almost 200 items.. and still example for the male superhero i am ablo to and would be make more.. so many pack will ba #1. 😀
                      (impossible to put everything in one pack, even if its thematic :(( )
                      And i also finished to make the tonof “invisible” graphic elements, like boxes, buttons, etc


                      ps: yeah, sorry, i worked and did not share it 🙁


                        Not to worry, it looks nice anyway. 🙂

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