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      I also would like to see a robe pack for both genders. Since I have both male and female mage characters.


        Want to add something real quick. Could you include two different robe options for a character I tried making earlier with the Human Female Pack but couldn’t. One a silvery-bluish robe with swirls on it and another pure white robe? In fact, all the major colors would be awesome.


        now we are making the last strokes, i do not promise, but if i can spare time for it, i’m do. you want wizardish robe? any other wish? πŸ˜€
        (if i can’t spare time for it, i can do it later, will have special forum based pack for free :))

        Mason Wheeler

          [quote=”Blue-Stardust” post=1297]In fact, all the major colors would be awesome.[/quote]
          That’s something I kinda wonder about. Why is it that some customization elements have HSL sliders to play with the coloration, but others don’t? Is there some technical reason why you can’t do that for all of them?


            Also in addition, if it’s not too much trouble, how about customizable rods, staffs, wands and orbs? If you can’t make it into the main pack maybe a special paid add-on later could be done? Since I would gladly help contribute money-wise. :cheer: πŸ™‚


            no technical, but aesthetic ..the tops example contains more colour.. if you use the color slider, everything makes one colour.. what makes the whole image unrealistic.
            ..and yes, definiatly have one color shirt, top, what is looking good with color changed, but not much.
            so we decided we did not put colors for the tops (but the boots and pants have example), but later, if you want it, really, we cimplement it easy way, but i am not really want.
            i hope i answered your question πŸ˜€ (tihs is why i am against the skin coloring.. example one skin, what you see “tan”, its 4-5 colors.. if you change it, it will be one colour.. not will be the same)


            it will be thematic pack.
            also it will be a forum based and user made free pack.. so you can get special items for free the following way:
            – you see points near you (you gain it your activity), you can “order” a special items from it
            – you won a forum contest, you can also choose an item. (every month i plan upgrade a forum winners pack, number of items (number of entries), and the winner can say an specify item.

            Mason Wheeler

              [quote=”sade” post=1310]no technical, but aesthetic ..the tops example contains more colour.. if you use the color slider, everything makes one colour.. what makes the whole image unrealistic.[/quote]
              That’s a technical issue. πŸ˜›

              The way you use HSL on an image like that is that instead of replacing the colors with one single color, you apply a transformation to the image. So you keep the same basic color pattern, but shift the actual colors that are used around.


              Edit:ok, ask and it will be listened πŸ™‚
              We made a separate top category, fully with colorable tops too πŸ˜€
              so yes, you will have colorable tops, pants, boots, hair, etc too πŸ˜€
              (no skin, sorry, if you have special wish for a skins, just let me know)


                Can I have a fully customized super pack with sound FX and the whole shebang ? πŸ˜›

                Seriously, I can work without the sound effect but supers do need everything else, indeed.

                Want me to request serious decent super stuff or more Kirby-esque (but so oh so fun πŸ˜‰ ) all around clichΓ©s (like Fin Fang Foom for instance) ? πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰


                  I know, all of a sudden I’m going over the top. πŸ˜› Felt like the mood of the moment was to add to the shopping list. πŸ˜‰

                  Sorry, as soon as we come into modern/supers, I’ll be providing more ideas. At the moment, I’m sort of stuck in a spandex-clad mode, I confess. πŸ˜‰


                  one item πŸ˜€ not one pack πŸ˜€
                  seriously, i will make any item, what is not copyrighted πŸ˜€

                  (to make it clear: for example, there are 6 entries for the contest, then i add 6 items to the contest pack. the winner wins it. it will be automatically updated monthly, so if you won once, you will receive all future updates and last items too. :)) (but worth to make an entry for more item, and more custom items XD)


                  i will not shout too early, but you can play with it at this weekend hopefully already πŸ˜€
                  every 3 weeks we will release a new pack. πŸ™‚
                  you will love the mix and matchables, and the other new features, promise XD


                    Oh, then Something that looks like Fin Fang Foom then ? Hey, you’re the Artist, aren’t you ? πŸ˜‰ :cheer:

                    Well, Fing Fan Foom is no more than a big tough green alien oriental dragon. Imho, you could design something of your own that looks like an oriental dragon, make change the the colors or the wingspan and place it in some pack or as a bonus. I don’t see how generic oriental dragons could be copyrighted.

                    I’m not actually looking for Fing Fan Foom, mind you, this is just an example: How to make a Kirby pack (or a whatever pack or a whatever contest with x items bonus) without using Kirby stuff, just lookalikes. πŸ™‚


                      The new packs you’re talking about will be for the current ePic ? Available via this website ?

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