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      Promising indeed, I can definitely use pics like these. Thx.


      with shirt they looks like much more less barbarian… 🙂
      many many many armour addon, and some, several light armor, and shirt
      still very early phase



        I’d like to see barbarians first. There are already a lot of generic warrior-style options in all the current races but barbarian/nomad is missing completely.


          The skins and wardrobe options look good . I really like them them. Can you add a some options that look savage, dirty, bloody, torn and dented? Like the barbarian is just back from a battle or has been roaming the woods and mountains for days:


          hullo, thank you
          yes, make dirty and bloody will be an option, and i also will some torn and dented and save too, just im in really early phase yet.
          my question is the viking alike clothing is count as barbarian? i menat mostly the historical version not the fantasy



          the difference between the warrior and barbarian only a shirt/pants/lightarmour? 🙂


            And body hair.

            A clean body shave everyday is such a pain ! 😉


            some guy will be body haired for the lazy ones, but it will have (thanks for berg’s suggession) choseable body hair option too


              Oh, I suggested that too 🙂 Didn’t remember.. I have suggesteg so many things already! But anyway, keep up the work, looking good! And yes, barbarians should be hairy too 🙂


              I noted and wrote up all of the suggessions 🙂


                The last one is more like: Barbarian Twins 😀
                (good old sword and sorcery movies)

                The scarred black haired is awesome, good looks and battle scars, just what makes the ladies scream. 🙂
                The tattoo is a bit floating above his chest, or is just because of the shiny surface under it?

                I am all for the blue painted guy, those scottish warpaints are definitely barbarian.
                Do you have more body / face paints? And, can it be recoloured or the colour is final?

                The last one has sex appeal. 🙂 That smile is just contagious.
                But the hair is a bit like a tuppee, floating above his head. Or not over his head but in front of his face.


                  Nice! Looking forward to the barbarians pack.


                    And she is still working like crazy: 😀

                    I have all the leg-arm-chest-stomach-facial hair done. While these are not specifically barbarian, but necessary (and there will probably be more of this type), there are two options:

                    – Like hairs, each pack will receive a selection of body hairs
                    – Or it goes into the “universal” category, and everyone receives all of them for free if you buy any of the packs (Sade is for this option)

                    Nevertheless there will be special, pack dependant body hairs, like pirate beards, or for historic packs.
                    What do you think?
                    I think for the promo pictures, I should write what they consist of.
                    For this image it is easy:
                    Tattoo (arm)
                    Chest hair
                    Bracer (misc2)
                    Right hand
                    Left hand

                    As for programming, we have a new improvement, which I cannot yet show you on the promo pictures. The weapons gonna be placed better, where the parts are seen behind the body, will really be behind the body. So there won’t be any collision with pants, cloaks, etc.

                    I have still to do:
                    I’m planning a new option to easily make the character “bloody” and “dirty” to get it even more lifelike.
                    For this pack I still need to do backgrounds, background objects and companions.

                    I’m still open for your suggestions. 🙂


                      You may guess that my input has to be somewhat limited on barbarian packs.
                      However, I’m enthusiastic about better weapon (or any other part for that matter) placement.

                      I’ll always welcome new options. Keep up the good work!

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