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    what do you think?


      Well, that’s a perfectly perfect male character.

      My first thought was, he must be a waterpolo player.

      What can I say? He is perfect.


        Very good. There are no muscular human males available yet (besides the orc when used with a human-like face) so I think this one is very much needed.

        I would like to have a more ripped version of him though – maybe that’s choosable as a different skin? I mean a zero-fat version of the same guy more like this or like the Hercules from the 50’s .

        Otherwise I think it’s really good!


        any idea for the pose? (i want him both fantasy/modern, universal, but the pose should be pretty neutral BUT dinamic. im not sure the hands sould hang, but i didnt found better position (for not looking weird when it’s empty)


        (ah, and he will definiatly making some more cardio for better body :))


          His left arm is good, if you change the hand to make a grip.

          The pose is dinamic, but the right hand is too far back, it might hide what he is holding.
          I would like to keep the pose, because I like this “walking but standing still” pose,
          but mirror it, so he has right in front and left hand back.


          thank you for berg’s suggession, here is the body. i still polish the pose


            I hope the other one (or another similar) is also available as another skin? It was more realistic but the second was is better as barbarians and other muscular characters.


            its same model with other texture. i plan at least 50 texture (testing on manga, 60 skin shades is pretty enough from pale to black skin) (plus the ‘weird” skins :))


              Ok, perfect 🙂


              the skin variationss able to make a total different persons 🙂


              when i can, i also work on the human male
              tattoo, fang options also added to base skin
              the first pack will be warrior



                Looks promising


                which theme would you see first?
                . general warrior
                . modern casual


                  You know me, can’t help myself : Modern Casual, please 🙂

                Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 51 total)
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