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      Cool guys!!!! Yummy!


        Is superhero a line of its own or will it be part of the modern line ?


        Part of the modern
        Our lines


          My concern is that unlike your usual modern character, a good part of supers are dressed up in some kind of spandex with maybe some accessories.

          Therefore, in their case, choosing a costume is usually more about whether you need a half blue/half yellow (top to bottom) skintight suit or maybe a half blue/half yellow (left to right) skintight suit… or any other combination. Add a few symbols, letters, capes, apparatus, and you will probably end up with some kind of super costume.

          The modern packs we’re discussing seems to be more about new gimmicks than this kind of perspective. Just wondering.

          If I may, I’d suggest more athletic body types to that end, since all of this is skintight. Once again, I’m no coder, I’m just guessing. 🙂

          Maybe you already included all these customization options in the ePic to come, then please, ignore my ranting. 🙂


          superhero suits: exactly, we thought same thing 🙂 but with some extras 🙂

          sorry perhaps for my english, but i dont see the problem..
          but question from you as mmodern user, do you wish an “buisnissmen” pack too, or its ok if its part of the casual?

          i did not show many body yet 🙂

          btw the final image size will be 1600×1900 🙂


            There’s no issue if you already thought about it. 🙂 Fine with me.

            I was only addressing that point as I wasn’t sure how you intended to approach it. 😛

            Regarding the businessman parts, I don’t mind whether they are part of the casual pack or if they are a pack of their own. I’d say that in the first case I’d prolly save money one one pack and in the second I’d have more choice. Regarding modern packs, I’m not going to complain either way. 😉

            Resolution such as 1600×1900 is very nice imho, this should create very fine pics. :cheer:


            just decided finish it. remade the skins
            have to finish (note for myself)
            – left hand
            – more hair
            – more facial hair


            new evil guy 😀 i made some postwork on him.




              Okay “evil” works. With some kid of oriental touch. 🙂

              Yet the hairs look a tad too “clean” to me. I probably wouldn’t notice if they were shorter but with long hairs and (relatively) clear skin, something strikes me as inappropriate. :dry: Maybe more shadows and hues on the face to fit the hairs or looser hairs in order avoid the Loreal look. :unsure: I don’t know. Just saying. 🙂

              Well now maybe these hairs are just so dirty and greasy that they are stuck the way they are, that could be another explanation which doesn’t involve major fashion brands but well… 😉 😛


              it will have many hair style from messy to clean. i felt this clean hair fit the character (he is a noble like rich and evil guy :)) (actually this is why good to hear more point of view :))
              dont care, i will upload messy haired guy too (with less expensive outfit :))


                Oh, I didn’t mean messy. 🙂

                I just find the hairstyle you chose this time a bit too clean.

                Check Collin Farrell here http://www.guyslonghair.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=151975404 you should understand what I mean (and what I would be looking for) 😉


                got it 🙂 thank you :))
                less.. fishoil on his hair ^^
                btw you allways surprise me 🙂 (you link a websites what i never heard :)) (pretty useful :))


                  My pleasure. 🙂


                  still work on it 🙂
                  im more or less back 🙂



                  background items preview


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