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    ok, some words ..

    We decided to use the pose and model what you can know it from “modern male”, because his pose and shape was just perfect (based on feedbacks too :))

    Even the pose and shape was perfect, i made some development about the character itself:
    on his skin


    and his face variety too. so even if the model are same, you will find a young, middle aged, old, and different face-stereotype persons. you will see on this topic, i dont want shoot all of my dynamit in the first post :))

    So. This is the first pack of this guy, the first pack in the line. (What is in our current plan: adventurer, general fantasy, ranger(with elf race addon), knight, magician, noble, and pirate, and asian (and after the modern comes). It can be change, because of your feedbacks!
    I also plan to add an extra race for pack, if you have race ideas for packs, im also open 🙂

    ok, you can say, it will be hd, different gui, better skin, more face shape, mix and matchable packs, what else?
    my answe is also will be visual 🙂 when this program idea popped into my mind, it wasnt too polished.. and the technical things are also developed, thanks to Lbandy. The following little change will not change much things, but i think it made the whole quality higher. the shadows.
    Since i didnt found solution for shadow, i manually made it for every pieces.
    its not too visible, but your brain notice if missing


    About the packs.
    I want put many many things in one pack 🙂 but of course i cant. so i decided a “limit” in 120 images (max 150 :)).
    This pack focus on the general adventurer, these outfits, and addons will be great if you mix it with warrior, or spellcaser too.. not too specialized.

    here is a random guy (the cape needs, because i did not any hair yet :))


    And for new gui, new logo 🙂

    Comments, and suggessions are more than welcome!
    (and sorry for my English grammar, it’s killer, i know 🙁 )


      Does same model mean you can use the items on both of them?
      Mix modern with adventurer?

      Because I like the female model from modern very much, can she be the female adventurer too?

      I like the idea of more small packages for a basic model, your face, hair, makeup choices can make absolutely different characters.

      I also like skins and faces where you can change the model to a whole other stereotype, like zombie skin for human female
      So I would like more races just by changing skin and face, like making an elf out of the character without changing to elf model, just by almond eyes, long ears, long hair…
      Like the way they make different races in Star Trek, just by some facial masks.
      We have some of these in the packs, demon, undead, and all the different species in the antropomorph pack come to my mind. So I would like if you would carry on with that kind of options.
      So a races pack just full of these new faces and skins would be welcome.

      For my eyes the difference between the two items is:
      without shadow looks like its painted on the body, flat, covering the skin
      with shadow it stands out, it’s above the skin and the body.
      I was perfectly comfortable with the old version too, but I’m always amazed when Sade raises the quality another level.
      HD pictures with realistic looks is what makes this program excellent.
      I better like realistic, lifelike than cartoony.


      yes, the new hd characters will be mix and matchable (you can decide which pack you want see in her/his wardrobe). this is why i wanted to build a consistent thematic plan (thanks for the other artist, Zsanna!)

      the female character will be the female what you see in sorcerer pack. we decided choose to her as universal character. she is enough muscular to being warrior, but not over muscular, so she can be elf too (here is some preview from the upcomig dark elf addon, the dark elf wardrobe will mix and matchable and perfectly with spellcaster wardrobe)


      i dont want to make too much separate packages what is not thematic,i want give the skin and races to the pack, not separatly, or if i make separate pack with hairs, skins, and body/face hair, it will be free.

      sorry about my english, as i told: this model is universal. you can change to him example to asian with one click (just choose the desired “skin”)

      Making elf from him, is similar.. just choose the elf, and not asian.


      (again: sorry i cant release and elf face and long hair yet, because
      1. its work in progress
      2. this is the ADVENTURER pack, not the elf-ranger pack, it will be different thread.)

      Ok, you talking about demons and undeads in the human male-adventurer pack, perhaps because i was understandable. the question was: i told which packs i planned to release (general, spellcaster, ranger, etc). the ranger pack will contain the elf race, its pretty obvious, but which race suggest to others?
      I’m not lacking of outfit race, or other ideas, i dont tell everything because i want stick to topic’s theme. 🙂

      i allways like to “flying” in the themes, ideas. this forum thread not just keep you updated, but help me focus too, helping to put everything in this pack, what you need. (as you remember, i forgot the beards? shame. but yeah, im not perfect).

      This pack will contains (can be changed, its all on your feedback)
      – 60 outfit items
      – 10 base skin
      – 10 special race (which one should?) skin
      – 20 weapons
      – 10 hairs
      – 10 facial hair
      – 5 companion
      – 1 background
      – 4 background item

      130 new item for the character

      or you dont want see this much skin, and want see more outfit? comments, suggessions are welcome!




      i changed my mind, i will not count the numbers, because .. i want put into one pack too much things, counting is meanless.
      question: do you want precoloured hairs?
      this is a simple guy, as today”s preview 🙂


      edit: sometimes have the site have problem the jpg decompressing, sorry, im work on it




      how change the face with the hair



        Muscular body types like the one you used for the barbarian pack may be extremely useful at times.

        Could it be possible to eventually mix the body types ?

        Say Barbarian/Modern, Dwarven/Pirate, Anthro/Magician… and so on ?

        I’m no coder so what I’m asking for may be a pain.
        If that’s so, maybe they could be alternate human, elven or anthro packs ?

        Since I’m mainly using the modern pack, I always welcome whatever makes my goons more distinct.


        it will be modern barbarian (the next muscular pack will be “wardog” pack (means military stuff).
        the dwarf character 2.0 on my list yet, because i want make for every character at least 5 pack. (im on half way)

        we made the mix and matching with the following system:
        They will be some MAIN characters (the muscular guy, the female, and the this guy).
        We release thematical pack for main packs. under the main character you mix and match as you want, but you cant mix out of the main character (like you cant mix the muscular guy’s barbarian outfits with this guy. but you will can mix the muscular guy’s barbarian, or wardog outfits with the muscular guy’s superhero wardrobe)

        and of course you will can mix and match the modern and fantasy wardrobes too, what is good for shadowrun, or post apocalypse stuff..


          Wow, now you got my attention.

          This sounds extremely promising. I’ll be waiting for that. :cheer:


            I told Sade I liked the indian guy, but some of those hairs, mustaches are extremely handsome. 🙂
            As usual, better than I’m expected.

            Also, the mix and match is very good news, I’m always thinking Shadowrun when I’m looking at the modern, just a bit of fantasy, and I have my mages, shaman, etc.

            Dogs of war? Medieval or modern military?
            Some ragtag, piecemeal armor would be nice, dented, mismatched pieces, torn, dirty clothes.
            To complement the heroic faces and shiny weapons. 🙂


              By the way, could it be possible to save ePic files in another format than PNG ? I’m not asking for alternate image formats but more for some kind of native ePic format. Some way of saving works in progress.

              I mean, for image files PNG is fine but if we have to stop working on the picture for some reason, well…. we can’t load a saved png file… :unsure: As far as I can tell all we can do is restart from scratch.

              Just asking.


                I have to say that my “modern” tends to be more corporate and leans on the cleaner side with suits, pinstripes, pantsuits, costumes and so on… and I’m not looking for full skintight and futuristic apparels but that would be another story.

                I’m pretty sure they would fit nicely in a Shadowrun campaign anyway, though maybe not on the runner’s side.

                PS: Sorry for posting my latest note in this topic but the “Wishlist” is closed.


                Kelemelan: i hope 🙂 it have much more work and stuff, what im worked on, but i cant show all of them yet 🙂 and while im working on the gfx, lbandy also work on the code! dont forget his work too 🙂
                about the loading… yes, because we will have much more option like now, we implementing the load character setting feature :))
                as i wrote, not just the gfx and the system will be more polished, but the code too 🙂
                (thankful for your feedback)

                Greg: modern military.
                The ragged armours will be in different pack, because i simply CAN’t put everything in one pack. its impossible. really. but as i wrote its on the list.. and some ragged outfit already implemented


                kelemelan: modern: leasure, sport casual military futuristic
                this is the modern line’s plan for this guy

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