And she is still working like crazy: 😀

    I have all the leg-arm-chest-stomach-facial hair done. While these are not specifically barbarian, but necessary (and there will probably be more of this type), there are two options:

    – Like hairs, each pack will receive a selection of body hairs
    – Or it goes into the “universal” category, and everyone receives all of them for free if you buy any of the packs (Sade is for this option)

    Nevertheless there will be special, pack dependant body hairs, like pirate beards, or for historic packs.
    What do you think?
    I think for the promo pictures, I should write what they consist of.
    For this image it is easy:
    Tattoo (arm)
    Chest hair
    Bracer (misc2)
    Right hand
    Left hand

    As for programming, we have a new improvement, which I cannot yet show you on the promo pictures. The weapons gonna be placed better, where the parts are seen behind the body, will really be behind the body. So there won’t be any collision with pants, cloaks, etc.

    I have still to do:
    I’m planning a new option to easily make the character “bloody” and “dirty” to get it even more lifelike.
    For this pack I still need to do backgrounds, background objects and companions.

    I’m still open for your suggestions. 🙂