Haven’t checked for a day, and so many new things and pictures. 🙂

    Page 7: I would definitely use the shoulder pads.
    Idea: Pet for shoulder or waist? Or too much collision?

    The long hair is fabulous. I still have a problem with the colouring slider, can you put numbers next to it, so I can set it (like 1 to 255)?

    Page 8: I like the embroidered vest (and bra) , and that carnival mask really goes with it.
    Can we get some superhero style masks too, just around the eye?
    There is already a full face metal mask in the program, can I ask for a gold full face mask?

    Page 9: The underclad lady with the back banner is just amazing. I like that accessory.

    I like the hair where the wind blows. And I thought about weather effects.
    You already have some visual fx (fire rain, falling leaves) in the background menu, can I ask for things like light rain, or wind swirls, cloudy or sunny sky?

    Page 10: Torch looks nice. If she gets a stake in her other hand, she could go vampire slaying Buffy style.

    The floating magic book is also fantastic. I think you can try more floating things, was thinking about floating crystals, magic orb, spell effect, glowing runes in the air.

    The last one had great hair, I like how it goes in front of her.
    And the background gave me an idea.
    I’m terrible at graphics, but for the next Stands pack, please could you make things like flying carpet, small cloud, or a roman chariot, so things on which the character could stand and travel?