[quote=”sade” post=476]thank you 😀 the background also add alot for her.
    still waiting the suggession what do you want see in her hands 🙂

    Here is a list of spellcaster-stuff that came to mind. Something that they could hold in their hands.

    Chrystal ball (closed in hand)
    Chrystal ball (glowing and floating in the air)
    Spell books (closed in hand)
    Spell books (open, glowing and floating in the air)
    Magic scroll (closed in hand)
    Magic scroll (open, glowing and floating in the air)
    magic potions (multiple colors)
    poison bottle
    wand (small, like the ones in harry potter)
    Magic staff (large ~2m long, like Gandalfs staff)
    Simple wooden stick/staff
    Broom (I guess someone could want them for the witches)
    Herbs (multiple kinds and colors)
    Small brown bag
    Glowing diamond / crystal / phial
    Human/animal skull
    Many skulls hanging from chain/strings
    A real heart (the ‘real’ biological version)
    Scythe (in case you have some dark ‘nazgul’ robes – for death impersonated)
    Small statue
    Ornamented drums (for the shamans)
    magic amulet (in a chain handing from the hand)
    a candle (burning)
    a torch (with fire)
    a small wooden box (with ornaments)
    small snakes (a fistfull of them)
    long fingernails (for the witches)
    A cross (for the priests)
    Bottle (like a wine-bottle)
    Wine glass
    A cup of tea
    A pipe / waterpipe
    A rose
    … and a lot of magic effects (in the hands but also large ones around the body or floating in front):
    – Fire, Lightning, Ice, Air, Water
    – Magic gateway/portal in front of spellcaster
    – Magic protecting spell “dome” around the character
    – Magic protecting spell “shield” in front the character