Interesting how you stuck to your character, I should do that more often 🙂

    I personally hate stealth quests, I am as sneaky as an elephant in a porcelain closet, so I always end up on a killing spree, where stealth and subtle tactics where required, according to the quest.
    A bit like you did, in your quest there 🙂

    The questions should indeed be optional, in my opinion. I believe the game Daggerfall allowed you to do the questions, and when it gave your character, it asked if this was the character you wanted to play, you could always say no and choose your own.

    I think that was a good system. But for the ease of programming and game design, it is much simpler to stick to a class system, you can railroad your players a lot better….
    I know railroading is bad, bad and awful, but it makes for so much easier game design 🙂