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    When you roleplay, ANY game can work, because you’re making up your own story and simply using the game’s setting.
    PWI): [/quote]

    It cannot work if the game works against you. 🙂

    Let’s use the easiest example. In a pen and paper RPG, my character was an absolute pacifist. I didn’t get involved in any combat and my main combat skill was Dodge 😉 I was a diplomat, an artist and a poet, and this is how I became known as a major player in that world’s history (the pen is mightier than the sword… 😉 ).

    What I’m saying is: roleplaying is most certainly a way out of the class/level rigidity but this works only for pen and paper RPGs (if the GM allows such flexibility, I’ve been there ^_^ ), but it doesn’t work with computer games, because then, you just can’t bend the rules and you can’t ignore them. 🙂