I love video games and i really don’t mind a class/level system depending on the game… Here’s why…. You are presented with a particular class, usually again, I play healer. In PWI (Perfect World International) when you choose a class you are VERY locked in, BUT, I have played healer (called cleric in PWI) for so many years I can not only heal but also tank in what’s supposed to be the weakest class in the game. If you learn the restraints of your class, you can break them. 😀 I like to learn classes and then play my own way anyway. Another class I played in that game that supposedly wasn’t a tank was an assassin. I made a MALE assassin (eye candy for me) and soloed with him. I got to max level all alone in a class that isn’t supposed to be able to tank or keep itself healed. (That was fun and soooo sexy to watch. 😀 )

    GW2 plays differently though, you can choose different play styles according to different weapons in ALL classes. Which is why it’s a challenge to me to try everything. 😀

    I guess, what I’m saying is, I like the challenge. 😀