I was thinking, what do you guys think about questions in regard to character creation?

    In some older games, like the older Elder Scrolls games, you could answer a bunch of questions and the computer would then select the character that best fitted your answers.
    I always loved answering those questions, and I am trying to incorporate them in my game also.

    Here’s a question I wrote, the answers lead either to the mage, the warrior or the rogue class.

    ‘You are in love with the most beautiful girl in the village. But you are not the only one. One of your competitors has written a striking poem, and you know the girl loves poetry. Do you:

    – Ignore the poetry and try to impress the girl with a show of strength?
    – Try to steal his poem and pass it off as you own?
    – Try to write an even better poem?

    Anyway, any thoughts?