Well, for anyone interested :), the Print & Play version of my board game turned out to be not such a good idea. The quality is an issue, and I would really like anyone playing it to have the full experience.

    So at the moment, I’m overhauling the art, and it will soon be ready on the Gamecrafter.

    Also, I have started an experiment with my brother, on a computer game. He does the engine, and I the content. I’ve been busy on some character portraits, and I have managed to make 5 of them with Epic Generator in about an hour! and I am quite happy with them.

    Anyway, I just included 3 of them here: Bjarni the Smith, Siri the Druidess, and Sir Ayric the (not so friendly) knight. The last one is with the new Fantasy Warrior pack.

    Bjarni.png Siri.png SirAyric.png