Yeah, sorry, maybe that one came out wrong. I apologise 🙁

    I meant that, to me, gaming as in gamings pnp rpgs, is a social experience, not really gaming in general. My bad. :unsure:

    Sadly, my experience with computer gaming tends to support the general perspective but I really didn’t want to be obnoxious, sorry. 🙁

    Now to me the trouble with computer games is really that they stop working (one way or another), that they stop evolving, and that you have no control over them. ie: you have no “what if” ability. 😛 you can’t rewrite the end and do something else entirely. You are entirely dependent on the publisher (let’s say that most of us are at least 😉 ), while it’s pretty easy to play that game of “what if” with pnp rpgs or even with a novel if you will. And imagination is such a marvellous tool… 😉